Glenn Lazarus is a well known and highly respected Australian sports person and community advocate. Glenn entered politics in 2013 and commenced his role with the Australian Parliament as a representative for the people of Queensland on 1 July 2014 in the Australian Senate and was officially sworn in on Monday 7 July 2014. In 2015 Glenn formed the Glenn Lazarus Team. A double dissolution shortened his term however support for the Glenn Lazarus Team has continued to grow.

Glenn brings to his role a genuine desire to help all Australians and to serve Queensland and the broader Australian community with integrity, purpose, commitment and the drive to make a difference. As an advocate for the great state of Queensland, Glenn would like to unite and create a better Australia by drawing on the genuine needs of the community and developing common sense solutions to the issues being faced by Australia.

Glenn is still an active member of the rugby league fraternity and regularly meets with coaching mentors Wayne Bennett and Tim Sheens to discuss issues and ideas. Glenn is deeply committed to supporting and promoting the important role of sport and recreational activities in Australia in fostering good health, productive relationships and positive social engagement across the community.

Glenn believes that all Australians should have the opportunity to: learn; work; excel; raise a family; access quality health care; live in a safe and caring environment without fear of crime, poverty, discrimination or intimidation; enjoy the great benefits of the Australian way of life; and flourish as members of the Australian community. Already, Glenn has played a critical role in protecting, managing and advancing the interests of all Australians.

Glenn lives in Brisbane, Queensland with his wife Tess and they have three children. Glenn moved to Queensland in 1991 with his family to play with the Brisbane Broncos. During this time, Glenn won two rugby league grand final premierships with the Brisbane Broncos and in 2003, was one of the first former players inducted into the Brisbane Broncos’ official Hall of Fame. Glenn now calls the sunshine state ‘home’.

After many years carving out a successful career at elite level in the sport of rugby league, Glenn has demonstrated his commitment to working hard for Australia and ensuring that Australians have a real and genuine voice.