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They're like, how do you eat out or how do you go over to someone's house when someone's me dinner? You make it work and some quick tips that I can offer is that when you are dining out depending on where you're going do your research call ahead ask what they've got look on the menus online or or call and ask and see if you can be accommodated short of that.

If you don't get a chance to do that when you're there, it's you know, it's becoming more understood among restaurants to that that waiters and chefs will accommodate you. So if you just ask politely for what you're looking for that you can make. You know what, you're what you're ordering happened the way you want it to happen.

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But if you need to bring your own supplies, and I'm definitely guilty of this bringing in some gluten-free crackers or some kind of alternative bread. I'm going to a Mediterranean restaurant or bringing in some extra little bit of a salad topper like a hemp seed goji berry mix and putting it onto my salads, but I don't I find that I don't have to do that too much anymore because a lot of restaurants now, Have some of these options or the Alternatives or I'm choosing to go to places that I have seen want to go in.

The nice thing is too is that I'm I'm finding that I'm making suggestions to to friends and family as to where to go because I'm doing the research as to where not only I can be accommodated. But everyone who I'm going with can be accommodated as well. So that's just for dining out and when you're going to people's houses for dinner.

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I always always always make something or bring something with me so that I not only have something to eat. But I then a gracious guest bringing a really healthy plant-based option to people showing them. You know different kinds of foods and and ways to kind of make the meal more exciting. So I always loved to bring something or at least offer to bring something and if it's not an option to bring something then I make sure I eat something beforehand and then that way I can just kind of nibbling graze on on something.

That's. That's great. I think you gave a lot of great tips there for people a lot of the stuff were just brushing over today on a surface level. We're probably going to have a show dedicated to down the line. So, I mean we could easily have a whole show on how to travel. Eat healthy and continue your healthy diet.

So so just keep an eye out for for that show down the line. So I'm sure we're going to probably do something on that for sure. And you know, what if you guys have options and ideas of different show topics that you want you can let us know you can email us or go onto our website. So Jesse, why don't you tell you what everyone where they can.

ariana grande address 2019

Yeah, so we have a website for this podcast at El ultimate. I'm sorry health and there on the sidebar there. There's a little button you can click and you can send us an email and let us know what you think of the show also suggest different topics. You want to hear about or different guess where you'd like to have us interview.

So we want to make this about all of us and and we want to share on topics that are. And to help the most greatest amount of people so be open about what you think and what you think we should cover down the line because we had appreciate that. Yes, for sure. So I think yeah just before we wrap up here is I want to talk just briefly about some of the other modalities because it is about nutrition and it is about eating well.

Holland and you know doing all those wonderful things that we've been discussing but one other little aspect to embrace well, too and that's very important to Jesse and I is. Meditation and making sure that you're sleeping well and drinking enough water all these things to also contribute to Ultimate Health and and living well and and doing other things that you can do from the inside out.

So we want to cover physical well-being emotional well-being mental well-being. These are all aspects. So I just kind of want to leave a little note there that it's not just about the nutrition and it's not just about the physical. Very there's there's so much more that you want to look too and I know again as Jesse just said we're going to get into detail absolutely and further episodes on some of these ways and I know we have experts who are you know, this is their area of expertise in this is their their field of knowledge.

ariana grande email address 2019

So they. You know be able to share that with us as well to that's a great point. I find that a lot of people who switched to a healthier lifestyle really get the food thing down pretty quick. A lot of times though. They're neglecting I guess because you only have so much time and energy and embracing a new lifestyle does take a lot of work at first a lot of people neglect other things like Marnie touched on such as sleep.

I mean, it's so easy to get a great night's sleep. And it has a standing health benefits and it's free. I mean a lot of people there's basically a number of pillars that make up Ultimate Health and sleeps definitely one of them. So you want to make sure you're also exercising doing something for your mind like Marnie mentioned meditation is excellent.

That's something I'm just starting to embrace over the last couple of months more so and I'm loving it. Yeah, so it's important to be well rounded. It and it's also important not to get obsessive over every little detail and get down on yourself. If you you make a subpar decision with say something you're eating when you're when you're out and about.

ariana grande email address

Yeah, and exactly so that you can feel overall that you're doing the right thing. And I think that's really why the theme is around Ultimate Health because I think we're both Jesse Nye what that means to us is, you know doing the best you can and whatever can help you. To become, you know better version of you or take wherever you're at two to a further four further place so that you are feeling better and ultimately to a place of of health and well-being.