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Why ruin every movie. I'm in zombo. At the train station they get on the train. They're hoping to get out of there because everyone thinks it's a terrorist attack which you know what that makes sense. A lot of people would think that nowadays so suddenly the train stops and Wahlberg gets out and talks to the conductors and he's like, hey, man, why'd you stop the train?

Filbert? Where's Phil bird? None of us know where that is. Hey, you can't just leave us here and the guys like. We lost contact with whom. Everyone what a train just stopped going to its destination. If it lost contact with the people at his destination and anyone else and just let all the passengers dispersed into the woods.

So it seems like most everyone groups together at this country diner where we actually get a kind of smart scene where Mark Wahlberg shows his mood ring to the little girl John leguizamo's daughter. He puts it on her finger and he's like, oh, it's yellow. That means you're about to laugh. He gets her to laugh.

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There's a kind of cool little tidbit with that ring that comes up again. Later. Film it's actually pretty neat writing but that's replaced immediately with a woman going. Oh my God. Oh my God, look at this and then you look at her cell phone and it's like this incredibly violent and disturbing video that no one would ever be like, oh, hey random person next to me sitting next to a little girl.

Look at this life-changing Lee violent video that will haunt you for the rest of your life. It's this guy just letting lions bite off his arm. It's really funny. But seriously though in real life. If you were sent a video that disturbing would you look at the random person next to you as well as the little girl and say, oh my God.

Look at this. No, you'd be like dude. This is horrible. I'm not going to show anyone this especially at a restaurant. So then suddenly this Asian man that apparently everyone in the restaurant listens to is like whatever is happening. It's not happening about 90 miles from here.

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And then everyone just listens to him and leaves. Hey guys, I like this guy. He understands what's going on. We all need to get about a hundred miles away from here. So let's all run away and then we get the introduction to one of my favorite characters in this movie and I'm just going to refer to him as the hot dog guy.

This guy's awesome. He really likes Hot phone number to we'll get to that soon. So John Leguizamo wants to go search for his wife, which means he has to go and another cardi b Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel are saying goodbye to him. He lets them take cardi be of his daughter while Berg's like I think we should go over some probabilities that probably a good idea.

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Right and leg was almost like there's a 62 percent chance that this ain't gonna have happened to us was like a 62% chant like what? I'm sorry. What is anyway what's like who just stands there and goes over probabilities? I get that he's a math genius freak guy who is calmed down by numbers. But my favorite part of this scene is Mark Wahlberg's delivery of this line.

Will you go get a juice? Okay. Wish me of course. Like you can really tell that Wahlberg was like Hey night do I really have to read that in that exact same way? Yeah you do. Great. So John Leguizamo then drives off and we get the incredibly obvious. I'm about to die shot. Then we get the hotphone number seen now this scene is amazing.

This guy. He just really freaking loves hot phone number. Do you like hot phone number right you like hot phone number, don't you? You know hot phone number get a bad rap. They got a cool shape protein. What does not even have to do with anything? Mr. Shyamalan? Nevertheless, thanks for that scene. I like it. So John leguizamo's in this truck with all these people then all of a sudden there's all these hanging bodies in the middle of the road just hanging from poles and what not.

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The sad thing is that the girl screams after we see these bodies even though there's. 30 second period where they're driving along this road where anyone in this cardi b would be like hey, there are like ten bodies hanging right there. But no we get like this really long pan over shot and then a loud jump-scardi be and the girl goes out.

It's like you would have seen those like a minute ago woman. So he tries to calm her down by telling her a math riddle a very complex math riddle. He's like if you had this certain amount of money starting this day and then continued to double it each day. How much would you have in the end of the month anyone on the planet knows that more than likely it's at least.

More than a hundred right? And she's like it's 30. It's 30, no woman is not 30.

Besides that way what is the point with all these math riddles? I get it. He's a math teacher. He loves math but enough with all the probabilities and riddles and all this it's dumb. So the gas or whatever they think it is is starting to come through the cardi b the cardi b like crashes into this tree this incredibly epic shot.

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So in the next scene Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel in the little girl are in the cardi b with the hot dog guy and his wife and they see an army truck approaching them and he's like, oh, it's the Army were safe now. Really? It's a tiny Adam Sandler babbling about cheese and crackers.

Cheese and crackers I shooby dooby doo. Let's go everybody. Let's go. He called this shit poop. So based off the hot dog guys thoughts about the plants the plants having something to do with. Mark Wahlberg starts to figure things out maybe could be the plants. Is it possible that the plants are upset with humans and are trying to kill us by emitting toxins into the air is it truly possible?

Well, think about it that newspaper said that murders rising in Philadelphia man. The plants are aware of these things. So a large group of people kind of end up around the same spot as Tiny Adam Sandler directs them where to go. So as this big group of people are walking to wherever they're walking.

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They start to hear gunshots. The wind is starting to attack. That's right. The wind is blowing the toxins around and there's gunshots and screams in the air Mark Wahlberg goes. Oh, no then Zooey Deschanel goes. What am I? What? Oh, no, well, maybe it's the freaking gunshots and screams lady. You think that might have something to do with it.

Seriously, what a dumb thing to say. We're not going to be like those assholes on the news to don't do anything. When a problem happens. We are not assholes, but everyone just give me a goddamn second. I need a second.