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One of the major questions that we get is startups that have have a product that have a better version or they are dude. They're just launching a better version and they want to get the further first customers. And what's the trick here how to get the first initial traffic? No. No, it's not an easy one.

No. No, it's a very common question. And the cool thing is is that there is no right or wrong answer traditionally every every time you talk to us. Or something like that. They will have always done it a different way, but kind of my advice is like this is the time when you really got to go away and use your network.

Like don't you can't be afraid you can't be if you've got a friend and you know that what you're selling is going to improve something for them. Yeah after it them in my do if you have no network. What if you are just you know, you came up with an idea you see the opportunity or you're not necessarily your own your own customer, although it's.

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Always the best to to create businesses where you are your customer, but what do you do? Otherwise, how do you get those first? So I mean, you've got to grind them out on I don't mean like that. This is like I always quote it. It won't like the second half the second reason most businesses fail. I can't remember the first one by every second was that there is no there's no Market need so it's to be honest.

I don't mean this to be like kind of cool people are throwing a mix. GoPro drone 3D printer That's Unique, but nobody needed it doesn't solve the problem. So the it's normally really a good first bike barrier of is my um, I really solving a problem because if you are there will be complete strangers that are talking about the problem or you'll be it'll be easy to identify.

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Right who is the kind of person that my product service whatever it may be is is actually going to solve or make their life better if there's not even. Your own network, you're not you're out a way to you when you're before the time or you just knock solving a processor. Is it possible that somebody is just trying to fix problem outside their current like Community like like I feel feel our problems for corporates, even though I I don't spend a lot of time with them per se.

No, I agree. So what I would say is again like not to kind of like be cliche, but. If you're selling to everybody just going to nobody right freshly said even if you knew that you've not got any experience in the corporate world, but you know that your new service solves a corporate problem try to really narrow in on who is the perfect buyer, right?

So it's not just corporation which Corporation people with more than 500 customers are more than 5 million or eczema of employees right? Then you narrow down a little bit more a little bit more and then, you know, then you can really say Well, I'm. One person I can only do so much. I can only sell so much but I'm going to go after these 100 people because they are exactly the person that people that I solved the problem of right?

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What if what if for some reason you know, the the your community is totally out for your Target customer base like, you know, when we are launching our product for the US version of the US version of our product. We literally knew nobody from u.s. Like nobody nobody could even check. Our website for her grandma hours that that were like, you know, we didn't know anybody from you as so so how do you grind out those first initial context for people that want to launch their product in Brazil us while being here in Poland or whatever personal preference is I think you've got two ways to do it.

You can add a goal. I would say traditional which is to go out and kind of use the tools like LinkedIn like. Target people by the data the demographics like this company has this many employees right on but the second thing is is what I would really recommend because long-term it saves you a ton of money.

He's become an expert in what you're doing, right? So, you know, if you are, you know, if you're selling cheese abroad be the go-to person for the topic of cheese and and and that will make you that will pay. Back not only for making us Versailles, but forever sure forever layer. It's building your credibility with your target audience that later when we do recruitment of when I talk to sales people like the worst thing anyone can say to me is I can sell anything.

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I can sell sand to the Egyptians and I don't like that. You shouldn't if you sell if you're perfect it selling everything. You're not probably passionate about what you're actually selling through it. So and that comes over to customers. It may feel when you really believe what you talking about.

So like getting to the Practical Point like like where do you get those initial lately? You mentioned link that any other sources that we could you know, look for that for later depending on the problems that you solve just so I mean it all depends on the problem like Lincoln is just an obvious one, especially in the B2B space.

Yeah, if it's you know, if it was be the sea. To go more like I'm obviously very social minded. So I'm going to talk about things like Twitter and Facebook and so on but there are also maybe specific forum is specific with except we did a second and first on you know message boards or yeah, like and the bombers whatever the easiest way to do.

It is put into Google. What is the problem you actually sold right and look what's ranking high is that blog post is at a forum is a company like bright in this way. You'll find the communities to. Engage and hopefully you get the feedback right that for the days are gone of picking up the Yellow Pages and go in they want you know, like my first job was selling recycling bins for print cartridges.