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You're getting more bang for your buck is kind of another way of summarizing it and that's how and that's how we want to look at nutrition in general is you know, when you're eating during the day, you know, most people and I work with a lot of clients there was looking to to lose weight and gain energy and all the common goals.

For the most part A lot of people have and when you focus on foods that are highly nutrient dense and low caloric such as green leafies and Sprouts you're going to achieve those goals. And that's the beauty of a plant-based lifestyle is that by default even though there are a lot of foods that do have some calories in it such as coconuts and avocados all these foods that are Clark but they're also nutrient-dense.

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They act very differently in the body than all the foods that we want to avoid like the fried foods and the processed foods. So again really focusing on high nutrient. Dudes and and making that a priority for your your daily diet. So going back to my favorite Super Foods, so I mentioned one of them earlier and that's goji berry.

So that is by far one of my favorite super foods that I love to add in and Goji berries tend to be one of the ones that well I guess I Jesse's kind of defied this a little bit but you can't normally find goji berry trees readily around Ontario, but it can be found and you can actually grow them but.

So there are I just want to make mention that there are some super foods that are from a lot of other places in the world and then there's ones that you can get readily available in Toronto or in wherever you are locally on a day-to-day basis. So, you know Goji berries and some of the other berries are something that are extremely important to include addresses.

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Yeah, I think you made an important point there. A lot of these superfoods are from all over the world and some people look at those as being really the only superfood things that are imported from South America China various different countries, but right in your own Supermarket, if you're buying good quality stuff such as blueberries strawberries leafy greens.

These things are super Foods, too. I mean if you're saying to yourself, I want to embrace this healthy healthy lifestyle, but I don't have the money to pay to have all these items shipped to me. That's fine. You can you can wait and eventually hopefully get there to a point you can import include some of those too because a lot of them have a lot of special properties, but it's not critical in the beginning that you spend a lot of money and import all these various Foods.

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Yeah, some of them are found locally. So one of my other favorite ones is hemp seeds and hemp seeds are actually grown locally in Ontario. So that is definitely a local superfood and it's just so power-packed. It's got protein. It's got fiber it's got. Some good quality healthy fats and that's that's what I'm saying and same thing back to Goji berries.

Goji berries have vitamin C. They have protein they've antioxidants their nourishing their satiating and you know, just adding those two things to a smoothie or to a breakfast cereal or to a trail mix. You know just makes it taste so much better. First of all and second of all just makes you feel so much better.

So those are some of my two favorite ones and I'm going to add one more everyday common one that's in there that everyone can find anywhere pretty much is sweet potatoes. So to me, that's a superfood as well to that bright orange. Color the beta-carotene you're getting a lot of fiber you getting complex carbohydrate and they're extremely nourishing low glycemic.

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So sweet potatoes and Jesse knows this are definitely one of my favorite foods and to me they're a superfood. I love all three of those superfoods to and back to the goji. Berry story Marnie alluded to earlier. I've actually tried to grow my own goji berry plants on a couple different. And basically what kept happening is the plants would get about 2 to 3 inches tall sprout a couple of leaves and then they would fall over.

I mean the stem just wasn't very thick and I even tried using toothpicks and twist ties and propping them up. They would just keep on falling over. So I was lucky enough to find a goji berry plant that was already about a foot tall at Lowe's of all places this past summer. So when I got it, I already had some fresh Goji berries and I got to pick all those and put them on some think at the time where did I put them on?

I think it was Coconut Bliss ice cream, which if you guys don't know about this product, it's an organic coconut based vegan ice cream and it's delicious and actually non detrimental to your health.


I mean you wouldn't want to fast on the stuff for weeks on end, but it it well we all would like to but you would I wouldn't recommend.

So anyways, the berries themselves taste totally different in their fresh form. I'm going to continue to nurture this tree and I guess these trees have been known to survive in Ontario. So hopefully down the line I can plant it outside and they apparently get to about 12 feet tall and about 12 feet wide.

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So that that sucker we bearing a lot of fruit and I can't wait we'll just see for now. It's a beautiful plant to look at so it's very cool. So why don't you tell us what some of your favorite super foods are well, I mean goji berry would definitely be one chia seed is definitely one of my other favorites and the great thing about chia seed is that.

It's really thickening so you can add it to your smoothies and and really thick in the drink up and the other benefit is it'll keep you full longer. I find a lot of times when I make smoothies and I just use maybe some greens and some fruit what? Is healthy and delicious I would say about an hour later.

I start feeling weak and I'm ready to have more when you when you include something like Goji berries are not going to bury sir. I got Goji berries on the brain after that story when you include chia seeds, it'll keep you satiated and full a lot longer so. I recommend if you're going to use them in your smoothie the best way of doing it is taking some clean water and at about a 50/50 ratio.

It just depends on how thick you like it. You would mix the Goji berries and the water and a glass container Stir It Up for a few times within the first 10 minutes and then you can just cover it and leave it in the fridge so you can make a couple cups of this and then just spoon it right into your smoothies that way you're just not sucking all the moisture.