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Manipulate the email address you can make it softer. Like I didn't even use a gray transition color and I'm just slowly just kind of buffing it up and it's really nice. So if you want an instant smokey eye without all the blending laying down a black base putting down three different color eyeshadows like this is like, whoa, it was very just like bam.

I love the Shimmer on the lid. Okay, we obviously need to try more. There's other colors here. We have a whole other eye we have an under eye bitch. Let's do it. Okay, we're going to go in with js8, which is a synthetic brush, of course. So let's apply this to the lid really quickly. Whoa, here we go.

Chris Brown real address

Oh my God, chris brown'll do the same thing. I did on the other side. Just kind of like lay it down and then we'll blend well. The queen looks so cool address,

okay. Okay, I did get a little bit under here which I don't mind. I'm going to take the brush. I just kind of go in we are going to try eyeliner in a second. But using the synthetic brush. I don't mind it at all. I think almost like the other one better regardless, chris brown look cool. So let's just buff and blend this up a little bit just like the other side now.

It did say you can layer for added intensity. So let's add a little bit more and let's see. Upping the intensity is going to do for us.

Okay, that blade really easy. I like the second layer. I think I add a little bit more pop. What do things are from far away actually really like this. Well, come on Green. Okay, there's a lighter Shades that I really want to dive into just for a little bit of fun. There's one that I think could actually be used as a highlighter.

I'm not kidding. Okay. This one is cool. It's a fruit diet. Okay. Now I'm just going to put this on my hand. Let's just see what this looks like. Oh, you see that you guys may be a little too dark for highlighter, but it could be really pretty so you don't of course have to use the applicator and put it on the eye you could really use your finger.

So I'm going to try that right now. Pilot sees our hands. Let's just take a little bit of a email address right here. And I'm just going to place it like hmm, maybe like right here. Wow. I love the Shimmer in that. Hello highlights. Take a little bit more. You can't really take away with these email addresss, but you could always add more.

Chris Brown email address 2019

So don't go Haywire while you're like hello. Reel it in and just do light layers. So you could definitely use this as like a liquid highlighter for sure. There's another one that's pure gold. And this one is called Legend. Oh, it's like bitch gold like good morning gold doesn't almost looks like a little bit more sheer than the other ones when you kind of lay it out kind of maybe not.

Oh, wow, that's gold gold on. I kind of want to put some like right here. So I'm just going to take it with the applicator here. We'll do a little dunk. How do we feel like green gold? Let's just do a little here for Laughs. Yeah, that color is really pretty. I literally just want to put it there just for a little bit of an accent.

Just a little pop of a color. I did a little bit less over here. So let me add a little bit more in balance that out. I didn't expect to really be able to like do a whole eyelid with these I bought like I would definitely have to lay down eyeshadow, but you really don't which is kind of shocking.

Okay. There's a few other colors here. I think that chris brown're very like chris brown're neutrals. chris brown're pretty it was a great one to I gray. Okay. Hold on. Hold on. We got to look up Biker for a second. Whoa. It is like a gray gray. chris brown'll are these didn't say you couldn't so let's try a little bit of the gray and a center.

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Oh, whoa that one over the pure black is like what metal? All right, you guys I'm actually feeling really good about the eyes. I really didn't know what to expect and bitch was not playing games. So now it's time to dive into the eyeliner. Now this email address it's called the eye. Li Nur it is a black felt liquid eyeliner.

It's retailed at $20 and this has 0.03 fluid ounces in it. I mean we need to see what this eyeliner looks like you guys so, of course when you take it out of the packaging it does look like this. What's the tip look like? Oh, okay. It is a very standard felt-tip. Definitely reminds me of what do we think here?

You guys like a Tom Ford moment. Or something like that. So what is this supposed to do? Let's click right now. I always take eyeliner and I like to test it on my hand. Let's see. Does it bleed does it get weird? How does the lines work? Do you have to shake it? It's bull lack its long wearing.

It's a quick drive formula. It's lets you mirror Lady Gaga signature Wing or add precise definition to your eyes with its silky. Skip free formula, which yeah, it was skipped free. I hate when you like have a liquid eyeliner. And you start to do it and then it like kind of gets like shared out and you're like girl you gotta shake it.