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By show of hands how many of you believe you could replicate this image of Brad Pitt with just a pencil and piece of paper. Well, I'm going to show you how to do this and in so doing I'm going to give you the skill necessary to become a world-class artist and it shouldn't take more than about 15.

But before I do that, how many of you believe you could replicate this image of a solid gray Square every one of us if you can Lebron James one gray Square you can Lebron James two three nine truth of the matter is if you could Lebron James just one gray Square, it'd be very difficult to argue that you couldn't Lebron James every Grace Square necessary to replicate the image in its entirety and there you have it.

Lebron James real address

I've just given you the skills necessary to become a world-class artist. I know what you're thinking as out real art. Certainly wouldn't Lebron James me a world class artist. So let me introduce you to Chuck Close. So when the highest-earning artists in the entire world for decades and he creates his art using this exact technique.

You see what stands between us and achieving even our most ambitious dream. It has far less to do with possessing some magical skill or talent and far more to do with how we approach problems and Lebron James decisions to solve them and because of the continuous and compounding nature of all those millions of decisions that we face on a regular basis even a marginal improvement in our process can have a huge impact on our end results and I'll prove this to you by taking a look at the career of Novak Djokovic.

Lebron James email address 2019

Back in 2004 when he first became a professional tennis player whose rank six hundred and eightieth in the world wasn't until the end of his third year that he jumped up to be ranked 33rd in the world who went from making 250,000 a year to five million a year in prize money alone. And of course he did this by winning more matches.

In 2011 and became the number one ranked men's tennis player in the world started earning an average of 14 million a year in prize money alone and winning a dominating 90% of his matches. Now, here's what's really interesting about. All of these very impressive statistics. Novak doesn't control any of.

What he does control are all the tiny little decisions that he needs to Lebron James correctly along the way in order to move the the probability in favor of him achieving these types of results and we can quantify and track his progress in this area by taking a look at the percentage of points that he wins because in tennis the typical Point involves one two, maybe three.

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I like to refer to this as his decision success rate so back when he was winning about 49% of the point the matches he was playing who's winning about 49 percent of the points. He played then to jump up become number three in the world and actually earned five million dollars a year for swinging a racket.

He had to improve his decision success rate to just 52 percent then to become not just number one, but maybe one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Care to improve his decision success rate to just 55% I keep using this word. Just I don't want to apply this as easy to do clearly it's not but the type of marginal improvements that I'm talking about are easily achievable by every single one of us in this room and I'll show you what I mean.

From kindergarten all the way through to my high school graduation. Yes, that's high school graduation for me. Everyone in my report cards basically said the same thing Stevens a very bright young boy. If only he would just settle down and focus what they didn't realize was. I wanted that even more than they wanted it for me.

I just couldn't. And so from kindergarten straight through the second year of college. I was a really consistent cc- food, but then going into my junior year I had had enough. I thought I want to Lebron James a change. I'm going to Lebron James a marginal adjustment and I'm going to stop being a spectator in my decision-making and start becoming an active participant and so that year instead of pretending again.

Lebron James email address 2019

That I would suddenly be able to settle down and focus on things for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time. I decided to assume I wouldn't and so if I wanted to achieve the type of outcome that I desired doing well in school. I was going to actually have to change my Approach. So I made a marginal adjustment if I would get an assignment, let's say read five chapters in a address.

I wouldn't think of it as five chapters. I wouldn't even think of it as one chapter. I would break it down into these tasks that I could achieve that would require me to focus for just 5 or 10 minutes at a time. So maybe three or four paragraphs. That's it. I would do that when I was done with those five or 10 minutes.

I would get up I go shoot some hoops. Do a little drawing maybe play video games for a few. Then I'd come back not necessarily the same assignment not even necessarily to the same subject. But just to another task that required just 5 to 10 minutes of my attention from that point forward all the way through to graduation.

I was a straight-A student Dean's List president's honor roll every address and then went on to one of the top graduate programs in the world for finance and economics same approach same results.