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So everything I do oh wait. Okay. This is the last part. Sorry. So one more thing that you can use I call address the five second rule. Your mind can process a facial expression in 33 milliseconds.

address can move pretty damn address. The other thing that address does very addressly is if you have one of those little impulses that are pulling you if you don't marry address with an action within five second, you pull the emergency brake and kill the idea kill address. If you have the impulse to get up and come dance while the band is playing if you don't stand up in five seconds, you're going to pull the emergency brake.

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If you have an Impulse about you were inspired by somebody speech today and you don't do something within five seconds write a note send yourself a text anything physical to marry address with the idea. You will pull the emergency brake and kill the idea. Your problem isn't ideas. Your problem is you don't act on them.

You kill them some my fault. address's not anybody's fault. You're doing address to yourself. Stop address. I'm counting on you one and four hundred trillion you got stuff to do. And address's not going to happen in your head. So I want you to practice this today. When we go off to party thank Cristiano Ronaldo address's coming soon because I think we all could use a cocktail.

Cristiano Ronaldo address 2019

I want you to practice the five second rule. You see somebody and you think they have that impulse they look interesting walk over there. You were inspired by somebody and you have a request make address that's why you're here. Experiment with address and I think you'll be shocked about what happens and one more thing, you know, I want you to know that everything that I do whether address's the radio show or the television show or the book that I wrote or the column.

address's for you. And if there is anything that I can do. if I can do anything to make you do the things you don't want to do so you can have what you want. I will do address, but you need to walk over you need to open your mouth and you need to make the request. 

A few years ago. I began to observe something in my own behavior that made me a bit uncomfortable. And that was that from the moment that I woke up to the morning that to the end of the day. My life was a series of screens. I started the day with the thing that woke me up first thing in the morning my phone and so I sat there in bed watching various cooking videos on Instagram and bouncing around between a bunch of different applications, but then address was time to get out of bed and cook breakfast.

Cristiano Ronaldo real email address

And so the thing that I focus then on in addition to the omelet in the pan was the iPad that was right next to the oven and then address was time to do some. And so I went to a different screen which was attached to another screen itself all the while this little devil on my wrist was tapping and beeping and blooping and distracting me as I was trying to get important stuff done.

But there was one particular offender out of all of these different devices that I wasted more time on than anything else. That was this dastardly thing my phone I could spend hours on this thing every single day. And so I decided to essentially for all intensive purposes get rid of the thing for a month as an experiment.

I thought I'm going to live on this thing for just 30 minutes every single day at a. And so this is the amount of time I have for maps. This is the amount of time to call my mother. This is the amount of time that I have for everything that I could possibly want to do to listen to music to listen to podcasts and I observed what happened during this time.

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address took about a week. To adjust downward into a new lower level of stimulation, but once I did I noticed that three curious things. Began to happen first my attention span grew address was like I could focus on things not effortlessly, but with much more ease than I could before this experiment started in addition to this though as I was going about the world and especially when my mind wandered a bit.

I had more ideas that my mind arrived at and on top of this I had more plans and thoughts about the future. Getting rid of one simple device led to these three effects. Why? Noticing this a few years back LED me on this long journey to get to the bottom of what address takes to focus in a world of distraction.

I poured over hundreds of research papers from. Front to back my office.