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Oh, what's up make like you you could go through my Facebook and easily know what kind of language I'm okay communicating right and the more it's like me like I love when people put hi Mick but with an explanation mark at the end of make like literally they're going hey Vic another I like it.

Yeah, but that's like just drop in something that says I gave a shit enough today. So at least learn a little bit about you. Got it, and that's it. Not and the rest of the pitch is obviously different for each brand. But if you want to get in the front door just a little bit. I see that you've done this.

I know that your job title is this I imagine that you have this problem because I see this and this and then I'm going to make a good decision. Yes, I do know I don't and by the way, this is how I solve it or this is happened. Let me show you how we sold it to somebody else. Right, right. So again at the early days.

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We can actually three thousand messages personal messages or I stand because it was all manual by myself. Like hey Mark. I saw you are like congrats on becoming a PR manager for this company. I was running whoever you would you would love to and then I talk about benefits of our product and if you want to test it out, it's early.

It's early better. I would love your input. It's that's it. No, no sales no offer. No pricing or whatever just incites personalized super personalized. I use a lot of Facebook. I use the length inhabited email and the conversion rate was like 30% of those messages and up in that them accounts, right?

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So so so so not not too bad and and and but again the personalization was the key like, yeah. You know, I feel like young companies. They they they tried to I don't Google sales or you know, when I was working in my watch you have stories of people buying. Half a million email addresses off eBay or scraping email addresses and just be amazing.

And again the sad thing is it will get you Shale just lot of averages the conversion rate is there it's super low, but you have to appreciate how much how much you're you're not only turning off the people that don't buy they will never come back to you. Yeah, and probably the Loyalty of the customers that you find is much lower than the because it's you know it.

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He like make or like get get or generate customers rather than make sales because and the customers like embody something loyal this might sound really weird or really backward. But we Panic the most at brand24 when someone buys on day Zero. Yeah because we certainly think they they might not know what they bought they reacted too quickly.

Most companies black. Yeah. Was not the first person I list a call and say are you sure you know what you've got can I show you the other benefits like it's a panic for us. And and that's the thing that anyone that buys anyone about your product from a super cold email that was not personalized targeted set at the right time.

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It's look it's just it's just forcing, you know forcing a sale. Right and it's I don't think it's scalable and I don't think it's the right way to do it. But like I said at the beginning people will be doing it and there will be happy with it. Just knocks not our way, right so we discussed how to get the initial.

Audience how to get initial attention to each message boards to engage whatever to do one-on-one to find emails to write emails personalized ones. No, no bulk email campaign, whatever just want to one emails from your personal email whatever asking for their insights not for her money any tools any tools that we might recommend to tutor to do for the early.

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Lead a start early early days. Yeah. I mean the first thing to do is and we always we've always kind of kicked ourselves when we haven't done. This is track what you do count. Even if you're manually counting on a notepad. This is how many emails I send, you know, like before you've got a musical Google doc.

Yeah Google spreadsheet again you there's no ill today we use lat there's no way that you're going to do a thousand you're going to get 996 nose and feel. Winning, but if you look and you see that you've got a four percent conversion or a one percent conversion, you'll feel good about it signal is it was called sidekick sidekick or it might be now called.

I think I used to be famous One Way or Another You Google cup spot sidekick or you'll get the at least I think these are the tools that do it now as well. We actually just met with the tool from rostov called woodpecker, which is really cool. Hi deliver the deliverability, but. And the really cool tool for any stage to to be honest with ourselves.

We're just testing so but like, you know these tools like New York the way to sell is to hit the right consumer at the right point when they're ready to buy and it's the same thing. You know, you've got a you've got a choice that sidekick from HubSpot. It tells you when an even a personal email is opened and when it is continuously opened, right so.

You should an email from five days ago. No reply. No response and you thinking should I hit them again?


Famous People address 2019

Simple light don't go out to finish. I wouldn't even buy a CRM system. They won like yeah. Yeah. I feel like this is one of the mistakes that early stage companies. Do they get. To excited about the tools that you know the work plus they make it super professional yet. They don't grind enough numbers.

They don't make enough context to generate sales, right? So they have amazing pipelines that up with an aggressive and this play dashboards, whatever but there's no bone to reach the like 5,000 customers manually by Facebook or it maybe try for your business fighting, you know, maybe. Going to CRM day one is a good thing.

Yeah, but like just my opinion would be don't go super complex. They don't jump into Salesforce day one, you know pink it to lure pick a Google doc something that yeah. I mean definitely count but counting the simplest and easiest way day one. You can always upgrade tools.