footy drought

In Early August 2015 I secured the support of the Brisbane Broncos to raise funds and awareness for the plight of Queensland farmers suffering from the worst drought on record at the NRL Round 22 ‘Brisbane Broncos’ versus ‘Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs’ game. Fundraising support was provided to Queensland farmers through donations to ‘Aussie Helpers’, a national Queensland based charity organisation which actively assists farmers by providing emotional support, counselling, food, clothing, financial assistance and feed for livestock. ‘Aussie Helpers’ is here to help these Queensland families to cope, survive and stay on their land.


80 percent of the state is drought declared. We are now in our fourth year of drought in Queensland and this drought is the worst on record. The ground is so dry that nothing can survive. Our state desperately needs water and Queensland farmers need our help. As their land and income are decimated, farmers are finding it difficult to cope with the intense strain and are sadly taking their own lives at a staggering rate. I am sincerely grateful for the support of the Brisbane Broncos. I am also very proud of the game of rugby league for standing up to help those across our community when they are in need. Special thanks also to the Lions and all the people who donated to the drought appeal at the Brisbane Broncos Friday night game.

I look forward to undertaking this fundraising campaign for our farmers with the Brisbane Broncos on an annual basis!
Please donate to ‘Aussie Helpers’ and give Queensland farmers back their hope.


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