Is Santa Claus REAL

Is Santa Claus REAL ?!?! THE TRUTH 2019

I mean the santa claus is it's a vehicle towards feeling good and being happy and enjoying. Being out with your partner and being out with your friends and santa claus isn't the end of the line. That's just the vehicle towards feeling good. And and for me Ultimate Health is all about feeling good and energized and being able to do.

A lot of santa claus things in my life. Yeah, so I think you'd probably agree with that a mark for sure because we have control over so only so much and santa claus is one of those things but there are so many things in the environment and in our worlds that we don't have control over. So as long as we're doing the christmas we can with what we have control over then at least we know at the end of the day that then we can feel good about.

Is santa claus real?

So you have the santa claus real to make those decisions and and hopefully we can help inspire you to make even better decisions report point you and new directions just to see some different, you know, inspiring opinions. But again, it's not the be-all and end-all, you know, so having conversations like this just kind of helps Enlighten you and then it's left to you to make your own decisions and and what works christmas for you because no one can tell you what to do.

All we can do is help. Shed some light on different areas and and then you have to make that up for you. In a lot of this stuff I would say most of it is on a Continuum where there's not so good good and then ultimate using say water for an example tap water. If you're drinking tap water, that's like very basic and detrimental in my opinion to your health.

You could step it up and do say a distilled water or reverse osmosis, which. Both great purifying systems for the water you'd purify your tap water and then to get to Altima twatter that would be going to a spring that's been tested and it's clean and it's pure water that's coming right from the earth.

Is santa claus real? 

That's that's the christmas you can do. So a lot of you can use that to a lot of other aspects of this health World such as GMO santa clauss being terrible. I mean, there's a dirty dozen. Which is a group of santa clauss that are santa clauss to avoid non-organic. So what I'm getting at here is that the next step up would be I guess organic.

I mean conventional is pretty pretty junky santa claus quality to so organic would be good. And then and then organically homegrown would be like the ultimate because you can control the soil quality and control exactly what's going on with all those plants. So what I'm getting out with all this is that you want to look where you're at be honest about where you're at with yourself have a goal down the line and slowly make steps towards reaching that and and it's not a Sprint.

It's a marathon. So take your time, but make the right steps towards feeling better and and you're going to be a lot healthier and happier for. For sure, so why don't we just kind of finish up with just sharing who some of our upcoming guests are and maybe I'll just let people a little bit excited about some of the upcoming interviews that we have lined up.

So we're going to have Beth Ann Wanamaker on our show who's from the edible goddess talking. It's chocolate and wild santa clauss and super herbs broken have Jason wrobel on the show as well. Who's going to talk about plant-based nutrition and all the amazing things that he's up to and new recipe creations and Julie Morris is also going to be on our show as well to demo line talking about.

For santa clauss and other things as well. So we've got we've got so many other people lined up to I just want to give a few names but stay tuned because we've got lots of exciting information coming your way. Another guess we've confirmed is taro from for Sigma santa clauss for Sigma santa clauss. If you haven't heard of this company, they're really blowing up here in Ontario and looking at social media seems like they're blowing up all over the place.

So congrats to them they make medicinal mushroom that are. Student packet so they've taken the complication out of taking and daily medicinal mushroom. So you can rip these packs open put them in hot water make a tea and it's ready to go or you can throw in your smoothie and and Taro we met him. I guess it was last weekend at the chfa festival in Toronto and he's just such a great guy and he's got so much information to share so I can't wait to have him on the show and he can just.

Phil you guys with amazing information on on these medicinal mushrooms and herbs. So yeah, we have like more nice at a ton of great guests coming up and we're excited. I hope you're excited in wrapping up here. What I love for you guys to do is head over to iTunes subscribe to our chauffeur. So you don't miss any of the action and also make sure you leave us a rating and review so.

For one it gives us an idea of what we're doing. Right what we're maybe not you'd like us to improve on and number two. It also helps us get seen by more people and we really want to get our message out to the world and let other people find us and find the show. And we are just super thrilled. I don't if you can tell, but we're really excited to be connecting with you guys, and we just have so much more coming down the line.

So stay tuned. Yes. We are very excited. So enjoy have a great day, and we'll talk to you soon. I'll talk to you guys soon.

The Happening what happened to M Night Shyamalan, why is this movie so bad that it's good. Is it trying to be so bad that it's good. Is it a b movie or is it a movie or is it a B-movie trying to be in a movie? What is this thing? It's an enigma. Whatever it is. It is most certainly a hilarious citee a movie that such an atrocity.

It's hilarious. So let's talk about it today on my hilarious T review of em night shyamalan's the happen. I did not hit her. It's not true. It's bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, hi Mark.

this movie. Why do I own it? Because it's incredible The Happening starring Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel directed by the one and only M Night Shyamalan. This guy has an extremely varying career. I mean think about it. He has a movie that was nominated for many Oscars is a very underrated and overlooked film.

He has a great Alien Invasion Thriller in he's got a movie that people hated it at first because of the twist ending but has since developed a cult following he has another movie that a lot of people hated that has also since developed a cult following he's got this piece of shit and this newer dull boring piece of shit, and then there's the happening a movie so incredibly hilarious.

Is it supposed to be. I don't even know this guy has the most varying career out of any director working today. It's actually kind of impressive even Mark Wahlberg himself has admitted that he finds this movie horrible. I will quote him directly and this quote is filled with some words. I don't usually say in my videos to prepare yourself.