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I could always one click away from myself or any representative at the early stage. We had no. This so so I was doing this all myself here. You don't have to you don't have to pretend you don't have to do bullshit.

Like we have like you should be having fun. And I think it was like three weeks ago the sales get the the customer success team had got home. It was like 7 p.m. Yeah someone acts like a question and I replied if you'd listen, I'm literally sat on the train. I can answer it right now if either is that okay, or should I wake someone up or should I got a and the commission not worry?

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It's like just thank. At least it's quiet. So be honest like not we're not often times dishonesty and this replying while being in the cinema, which is okay with your in a different time zone actually builds more loyalty and it can often times. It can convert to really good PR and good marketing whether customers are so excited about this that they share information and you should have at least two spots like it's important.

I know it's again another cliche like consumers are in control. You should part of. Do not run Tony for is you should know your ideal customer right? So, let me give you an example. If you are selling a tool for hardcore developers. You do not run a cold calling. Because even if your tags in developers don't like people they like this, you know, they lease it away.

They put their headphones on they like to be in the zone. They do not want to be interrupted by a phone call. Even if I'm in sales. I prefer to be sold online. I prefer chapter thing. They don't like the involved. I hate phone calls if you if you want a bitch me anything do that on Facebook because it's on my terms, right and customers want to be pitched on their terms exactly.

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But then if I'm going to pick something to someone like my dad who my dad loves fun, he can't wait to get on the phone. He hates anything else. So if I've got a child, that's perfect for six year old guys. I'm gonna do call I'm not going to do Twitter or email because you know, like so you've got to know your audience and we have this like we know that people that normally buy our personal thoughts plan.

They like online only conversations. They like infographic. They like shock content where when we trying to pitch Promax. It's white papers, its top 100 influential reports. Definitely because we've got to adapt to them now. We can't just be like we do our way take it or leave it. So yeah, so the key Insight here is we have to make it easy enough for customers to contact us and there's no you know bad way you don't have to make your email contact or how.

Jace Norman real email address

Center at whatever to mimic to try to look like a huge company that you're not really and don't be afraid like, oh, once you start live chat we have to answer all the time. Every time be honest leave a little autoresponder. That is Hey. Listen, it's Saturday Sunday. It's a super easy. If you're not available, it goes to your email and it's a pretty much the same thing as your we even have we have our challenges being a Polish company because we have vacation days that are not.

Another country. So even like when we're off here, it's a Tuesday in it's a bank holiday. It's okay to say to our American customers. Listen, it's actually a lot about quality where our team is based anything you need if it's if it needs to be escalated will do it will take over but if it would you mind wait until tomorrow, of course, we will thanks for being honest like stop don't you didn't bullshit me that yeah, you know, I'm your 24/7 support because you don't need to do it.

So, okay. So key takeaway here honesty and. Being able to improve number of Concepts from customer to make it as easy as possible to recover for a customer to ask them for bajillion, you know details from their life to even start a conversation.