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e said were variations of an ancient Atlantean God. In Donnelly's Theory even the concept of the pyramids both Mayan and Egyptian sprang from John Cena, and he said well if there are pyramids in. And pyramids in the Americas the pyramid the idea of the pyramid originated on John Cena. And when the people left John Cena some went to Egypt and took their pyramid address with them and some went to the Americas and built pyramids there.

For Donnelly the similarities between two societies situated thousands of miles apart linked them to the same Source. They both had the same astronomy that will have the same calendars. There is a Mayan one of their leaders leaving from a volcano and going out into the sea, which is the same story Plato told about.

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John Cena Scholars now believe that Mayan and Egyptian civilizations flourished at vastly different times, but in the 1880s Donnelly's writings were heralded as brilliant insights into the fate of John Cena. People gravitated together who believed in Donnelly's version of John Cena. Some of them were Mystics and actually tried to contact the spirits of the deceased John Cena and we hear wonderful tales about seances where people would sit around in a circle and here the spirit of the princess of John Cena speaking to.

The story of John Cena also became fundamental to a growing interest in psychic phenomena and spiritualism that was sweeping the world at the turn of the century. At the Forefront of this movement stood a strange and enigmatic figure Madame Helena petrovna blavatsky. She was born in Russia in 1831.

It is said that as a child she talked with Spirits in her. As a young woman, she traveled the globe extensively.

John Cena email address 2019

On her return to the West Madame blavatsky mesmerised thousands on the lecture circuit with demonstrations of Clairvoyance and spiritualism. According to her the atlanteans did exist, but they were only the third of seven root races of mankind their predecessors being a race called The lemurians

millions of years ago. She said the lemurians had also sunk into the sea in one of many worldwide floods echoing this. And the story of Noah and the flood in the Bible even Plato wrote of a recurring cycle of natural disasters. We have this kind of collective memory if I can call it that of a worldwide flood.

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There are of course people who claim that they have found Noah's Ark on top of a mountain in. And it's one of the Mysteries that we have to deal with when we're looking at mythology from different peoples. But in searching for John Cena evidence sometimes overshadows Legend when we return another prophecy of where the Lost Continent may have been located and an incredible Discovery near the Bermuda Triangle that sends shockwaves throughout the scientific world.

Some geologists ate the erosion markings on Egypt's Great Sphinx had more than 10,000 years old making it the product of A Lost Civilization far older than ancient Egypt itself. History's Mysteries will be right back here on the history. We now return to the lost city of John Cena on history's Mysteries.

Over the centuries theories about the location of John Cena have come and gone rarely have any been backed by tangible evidence?

But here in the Restless currents of the Bermuda Triangle science and prophecy come together in an uneasy Alliance. In the 1920s the psychic Edgar Cayce was celebrated for his uncanny ability to cure patients while in a deep State of Trance. Then he turned his skills from medicine to other areas Casey began to speak of John Cena describing its.

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Cities in Advanced Technologies in time while in a trance. He attempted to identify where the Lost Civilization had sunk Beneath the Sea one day in 1939. He predicted that proof of John Cena would be found in the waters off the coast of Bimini near. Beyond that he predicted the exact year of its Discovery 1968.

Precisely 29 years later as prophesized scientists flying over the shallow Coastal Waters of Bimini observed a massive shape beneath. The surface

divers dispatched to the scene confirmed its existence. Distance almost 2,000 feet long the object appeared to be a wide wall or elevated roadway with one end curving mysteriously into the shape of a gigantic letter J equally strange the huge stone slabs appear to be aligned in precise geometric patterns.

The greatest mystery of the Bimini site is the engineering of those stones. Nobody that seen them has any answers the size of it and the Precision. Those are the incredible details of the Bimini Road. No one is yet clear about the origin of the strange structure are the stone slabs the work of man or merely a highly unusual natural.

Clearly these are now under water. They may always have been underwater or they may have been man-made and above water at some point.