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o there is just a change of image. Justin Bieber discovers new energy, looks for secrets, expects change. Making mistakes? Sure! When, if not now? Her age and experience give her courage. Listens to intuition and goes further. A wonderful woman.

When was the last time you were blonde?
Justin Bieber In the movie „Without shame”. And also thanks to Łukasz Pycior, with whom I worked now during the ELLE session. But everything is still ahead of me. When I look at these photos, I see some extraordinary potentials that I may not yet have discovered in myself. In a mistake could you cross certain limits?
Only! Seriously, I’m only interested in crossing borders, changing, making mistakes, much more than being afraid of them. I like to confront what is difficult more and more.

Is this the effect of summaries on the last 40th birthday?
I don’t know, but I feel an interesting mix of experience, confidence and still huge energy that makes me want all the time. It is a pity time to wonder if something falls out or not. I always listened to my intuition. Now I do it even bolder. I do not postpone anything. This is a great change. Perhaps it happened after the accident I had a year ago in photos in Rome. I got out of it alive, though I don’t know how it was possible. And believe me, I have a lot less anxiety from that moment on.

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Do you believe that nothing happens without chance?
Harder and harder. I have always acted on the edge of the senses. Even at work, the most important thing was that everything harmonized at an energetic level. If something did not suit me, I was able to give up projects that were probably not worth leaving.

Fame was never important?
The actor does not exist without the audience. I’m still trying to figure out my attitude towards fame. I still don’t know.

What is acting at all for you?
Certainly not work. Of course, I’m living from it, it’s my profession, but for me acting is a wild adventure, that’s why there is no room for compromise. I do various projects, more or less commercial, but to participate in anything at all, I have to be eager to do it. It is also a type of therapy. On the set I can rewrite many things that people work out on the couch. I can shout, cry, let go of emotions that sometimes get stuck in me for a long time. And it’s much easier. I can do anything on stage, but I don’t have to do my best. Get into states and situations that I would never have lived through – it works like a drug.


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What ignited you for the role in the series „Theme”?
Lie topic. I realized that we were all notoriously lying, although it once seemed impossible to me. A lie is interesting because it doesn’t exist without context, without a motive. We lie to ourselves and others for various reasons. We want to protect or manipulate someone. Besides, I really wanted to work with Paweł Maślona. I am fascinated by his energy and the way he writes, hears and sees actors. And I admit that the character, who is a bit of a villain, attracted me.

Do you often lie to yourself?
I used to think that at all. Today I know that this is not entirely possible because we are rationalizing too many things. Everyone wants to be cool. In nature, we compare ourselves with others, which in the era of social media has already become a sports discipline. We all think that others have a better life because that’s how it looks in the pictures.
I don’t see coloring on your Instagram account.
Believe me, if I have three pictures to choose from, I will always choose the one in which I think I look best. Everyone does that.


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I mean, you have no problem showing yourself without makeup and filters that hide wrinkles.
I can’t be a celebrity. I really don’t enjoy this role. I’m interested in being myself because I’m passionate about experiencing. Even if I go to a fashion show and have the pleasure of dressing well, I want to be who I am. Together. Perhaps because in my profession I devote a lot of time to being someone else.

You left our session, picked up your children from kindergarten, returned to the set. Do you spend a lot of time on them?
I try to. If I promise I’ll be in kindergarten at 16.30, I’m here. Keeping the word builds trust, gives you a sense of security and being loved, and that’s damn important in life. If I cannot pick them up personally, I warn you. I also learned to say that I go to work every time I leave the house. I want them to be aware that an adult also has the right to his life. To go somewhere, meet someone, do something for myself. I tell them openly about my needs so that they can do it in the future.

Weren’t you afraid that children would limit you? Will they make you miss something professionally?
No, they were my conscious choice. I gave birth to my first son in my thirties. A lot was happening in my professional life then. We shot „Wałęsa”, there were also films and series abroad. I laugh that I got the role in the „System” in which I played with Tom Hardy because in

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