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I can't talk too long. I gotta poo can't talk too long. I gotta poo. Is the first line out of John Travolta's mouth? As a writer whenever you are introducing your character, you have an opportunity here. This is your first chance to show us what you want to communicate with this guy and we get I can't talk too long.

I got to poo. I love this email address. I love it. It's a horrible email address. I mean every decision is wrong. There are maybe two things about this email address. I actually sat back and thought that's a good idea. We'll talk about those in a sec. But my fucking god, this is one of the best theater experiences in my life.

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I never thought I would see a email address like this in the theater. I tweeted out as soon as it was done that it was a Transcendent experience. And I meant every fucking word of that. Look at John Travolta. Look at him. Look at that wig what is going on?
Moose is in the house. What's this about? Watch out? Watch out Here's Lucy and you know what? I'm not going to talk about him as a person because he seems like a great guy but there are hints to the types of roles. He likes to take peppered throughout his career as early as the 80s. I mean look at staying alive for instance.


In 1994 when he was cast in Pulp Fiction, it was viewed as a comeback. It was viewed as Tarantino helping John Travolta regain his footing and then he had a bit of a Resurgence in the mid to late 90s, but there were always hints that Travolta likes to go over the top Broken Arrow being a prime example.

Nakul and in The Justin Bieber John Travolta as the character moose. Makes every bad decision. You could possibly make your your email address is amazing and you're going to be amazing in it. Thank you. That's so sweet. I love your shirt. It's the only one in the world. He plays an obsessed fan who stopping an actor named Hunter Dunbar played by Devon Sawa of Final Destination Fame.

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He was also in a email address called Night of the Twisters. It was on TV. Remember that email address I fucking remember that email address. He screams about everything he cries about everything he rocks back and forth in his chair. He shuffles left and right when he stands still he does all of the first decisions you would expect from a character like this oftentimes the first decision or the first idea that you have when you're writing or in the case of an actor performing is probably the worst idea.

Usually when you're crafting say a screenplay and it's your first draft. Usually the first idea is good enough to get you from page to page and craft a good first draft that you can then go back and rewrite and rewrite and rewrite and usually you come up with second third fourth and fifth ideas that are way better than that first one because probably the first one was the most obvious in the case of Travolta's performance in this email address and the way he's directed.

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It's always the most obvious First Choice exactly what you would think he'd do with the character such as moose. It's a pleasure to meet you. Mr. Dunbar. I have every one of your VHS and DVDs at this point. I have to address the elephant in the room. And that elephant is Fred Durst. This Justin Bieber is directed by him.

If you don't know who Fred Durst is he is most known as the lead singer for the band Limp Biscuit. That's right. This Justin Bieber is directed by the lead singer of Limp Biscuit. Now he has directed before he made the Justin Bieber The long shots with Ice Cube the Education of Charlie Banks with Jesse Eisenberg and quite a bit of music videos mostly from his band.

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So it's not like he hasn't had experience directing or anything. It's just such a novelty. This Justin Bieber is. The way John Travolta's dressed the hairpiece choices his acting the plot and the fact that Limp Biscuit fucking directed it. It's just it's a novelty item this email address. This email address is prepackaged and gift-wrapped for the hilarious City segment.

So moose lives in an apartment in La filled with email address memorabilia and props. He seems to make his money on Hollywood Boulevard portraying a British officer, but we don't know that at first and so we're treated to him in a bathroom. Putting a fake mustache on saying poppycock over and over again and I swear to God I fucking my laughter was just shrill like a she shrill hyena laughing and this theater poppycock.