29 August, 2016

Press Release

Lazarus: The ‘sell off’ of Australia must stop

Leader of the Glenn Lazarus Team, Glenn Lazarus this week said the sell off of Australia had to stop. Australia’s sovereignty is being put at risk and the only people who seem to care are everyday Australians. Our politicians are not the slightest bit concerned because they are being donated to by Chinese companies. Clearly these donations are influencing decisions of Government and not in a way that benefits Australia.

“People are genuinely concerned about the level of foreign ownership in this county,” Glenn Lazarus said today.

“Australians are worried that we are selling off our great nation to China and putting our nation’s sovereignty at risk.

“Every day we are being informed of buy ups in the media.

“Chinese companies are heavily involved in Australia. They are buying up billions of dollars worth of Australian farms, cattle properties and infrastructure across the country because our laws allow them to.

“Today we were informed through the media that Sydney-based private hotel company Staywell Hospitality Group has sold its Park Regis Hotel in Sydney to a Chinese private capital group for $46 million.

“Urgent change is needed. The Glenn Lazarus Team wants laws implemented to:

. ensure every sale of prime agricultural land to a foreign buyer is subject to review against Australia’s national interest and limited to leasehold only with rigid restrictions
. ban the sale/leasehold of key infrastructure assets to foreign buyers
. place restrictions on the total value of assets which can be purchased/leased by any foreign buyer/country
. ban political donations from foreign donors

“If we don’t own our country, we don’t own our future. The Australian Government has no right to allow the sell off of our country.

“Clearly if we can not trust politicians to do the right thing, we must put in place laws to ensure the right thing is done, no matter what.”