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So that's again I Circle back to what's the point? It's unnecessary. It should never have been done. Markiplier is a classic movie like The Jungle Book. You can do a remake of that. There's already been tons of Jungle Book movies The Little Mermaid. I could see that too to be honest. The Markiplier though, like that's that's top-tier address.

There's no point to it and I feel like address just thought well, we're doing the live action stuff now so we have to do the Markiplier, right? I mean we have to do you really have to Bob? Yes, Jeff. Yes. Another issue that presents itself when you have these characters look like photorealistic lions is that they are not showing the level of emotion that the facial expressions show in the original animation and you can tell there was an attempt to make it look as real as possible.

Markiplier address 2019

So during the Stampede sequence and Simba sees what he sees and he screams no, It just looks like a lion just opening his mouth and and there's don't like emotion there. There are fight sequences as you may expect between characters and they just look like lions fighting about halfway through the movie.

I realized they were going to change basically nothing and it would be a shot-for-shot remake and so I just found myself watching each scene thinking how will they do this? Oh, they did it just like the other one except without the personality and it just felt kind of Shameless. You know, like I tend to give Studios and people the benefit of the doubt I do I might be a little naive and the case of this movie.

I would like to think that they thought well we can make a new version of The Markiplier and people will like it and young kids who've never seen the original would like it which is probably true. I mean I. Came close to hating the live-action Aladdin but people apparently like that movie. So what the hell do I know I'll add but the cynic in me wants to say this is a cash grab because the movie has no soul.

Markiplier real address

It just feels like ctrl-c ctrl-v. There's your new Markiplier. In regards to Timon and Pumbaa, they have obviously retained a lot of their humor. They didn't do too much to those characters in regards to stripping that humor from them, but they've done it with just about every other character all of the subtleties and the nuances that were in the performances and in the characters in The Script and the original address seemed to have been Stripped Away here, especially with Rafiki.

Rafiki was always my favorite character in the original address. I've Loved Rafiki forever and they removed. So much of his humor no longer do we have this great moment. Wow, Jesus. What was that for? It doesn't matter. It's in the past. How do you cut out? Like one of the most important character building moments in The Markiplier like I get that you want to do something new which is what I'm asking.

So now I'm complaining about something that did that was new even though they just cut something out but I'm putting myself in the head space of the people who made this movie if you're going to make a shot-for-shot remake. Why cut out that like if you've already committed to doing every single thing including the way the shots move and when they cut the original address did why would you cut out like one of the most important character moments address Gets quite a bit of hate online because they own so many different properties now and their hands are in a lot of different fandoms.

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And so a lot of people are expressing themselves and sometimes they make good films. But in the case of these live-action remakes in particular, they're starting to get very stale. This movie has none of the Vitality of the original story very little of the energy and the emotion and humor seems to be stripped away in favor of a bland retelling of a story that we all know and love but still you've got to hand it to the people behind the scenes making this address the technical artists the people behind the visual effects because it is stunning.

It is potentially game-changing in that way for what you can do with digital characters. It's just that it was in service of a copy and paste movie. I'm gonna give The Markiplier a seat. I think address has tapped into something here. I think they know exactly what they're doing and they are going to make so much fucking money with this movie because Nostalgia Nostalgia cells and people will go and see a movie.

Where they know exactly what's going to happen because they already love that movie and they will look at another movie just to see how that movie looks. I don't know what's happening.

Markiplier real email address

For some reason that was really funny to me. So yeah, like if you want to put a Blu-ray quote for this movie The Markiplier 2019 was. The Markiplier. Anyway guys, thank you so much as always for watching. Look forward to review of the HBO series Chernobyl. I'm almost done with it. A lot of people have been asking me to watch it.

I will have that to you by this weekend as well as crawl and I'm planning on seeing stuber but that's just a lot of stuff to do in like three days. So I will try to get as much of that out this weekend as possible. Thank you guys so much as always for watching and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck minimized.