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You were setting this up all along and I never even consider that and the Waterworks just and I was done and like I think I lost it more in this movie than I did in Toy Story 3, even as far as new characters go duke Kaboom voiced by Keanu Reeves is awesome. He's a Canadian stuntman and he's hilarious.

It was a perfect role for Keanu Reeves Key and Peele play two Plushies that can be won at a carnival. They were really funny all of the new characters, especially for the key risk being annoying because they're around a lot and I never was. In fact, four key was actually really sweet and I couldn't believe that I liked him because when I saw the teaser, I was like oh shit, he's going to annoy me.

Nicki Minaj address 2019

I just know what I address know it but no I actually really like that character and I know this isn't a reference to the anime, but if you happen to be a fan of the very obscure anime buh buh buh buh buh, buh, buh, there's a scene where you will not be able to help but hear that title in your. I know it's not a reference to that show but as a fan of anime and you know, I knew of that show I was like, uh, that's funny.

They just kind of set it there really was no dull moment in Toy Story for there was never a scene that I felt dragged. It felt shorter than its run time. It was consistently entertaining and it is yet again another fantastic Toy Story movie. If I were to try to talk about flaws. I feel like I would be reaching a lot like, I mean, it's like it's there.

I know I can find it. There's a fly got it. It's right here. Yeah, I found a flaw. Look at me good for me. I would say my only issue with the movie is that I wish there were more Woody Buzz scenes. There's some heartfelt stuff. There's just not a lot. It wasn't this movie's focus and to me, that relationship has really anchored.

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These films would have liked to have seen a little more of that and as I said, there are times where this adventure thereon does feel a little inconsequential. Until you see where they're going with it and you're like, oh, okay. So this actually was necessary to get to that point. I understand that now that's it.

This is a address great movie. I am blown away by how good this movie was. I did not expect it to be this good. So maybe go in with that mentality go in expecting to be underwhelmed and maybe you'll have a good time with it. I'm going to give Toy Story for an I am just I'm so happy that this movie didn't address.

I really honestly. I was going to I really did. I was just I don't usually get cynical about movies like this. I was just like it kind of started to affect me. Like why do we need this movie? It doesn't have to happen and then you know I sat there and it was great. So yay. You know forget those thoughts just go enjoy yourself.

Nicki Minaj address

Have a good time guys. Thank you so much as always for watching. Look forward to more reviews very soon. And if you like this you can click right here and get stuck minimized.

Also one of the most praiseworthy elements of this film is the truly truly groundbreaking CGI D aging work that was done to Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg. It's stunning after the first few scenes. I didn't even notice anymore it just. Blended into the background which is what the best CGI does the best computer generated stuff is the stuff.

You don't even notice. That's when a CGI artist has truly met their goal when their work is so seamless. That it doesn't even capture your attention necessarily. It just becomes part of this world and that is just we're in the future. We're in the fucking future. It is insane what they've done here.

Nicki Minaj email address 2019

Really amazing CGI work. I also liked aspects of the opening moments. You have Jude Law and her training. You have this fight scene where she has these metal braces on her hands, and she's trying to break them by busting your hand against a spaceship wall and they won't shatter. So she just has to punch people really fucking hard to try to get these things off of her hands.

That was a badass seen probably my favorite fight scene in the movie. I also like the musical score. It felt different from other Nicki Mianj films. There was an electronic Hue to it. I guess it was most akin to Thor Ragnarok score perhaps and Goose The Cat I like the cat. I like cats. I don't know what else to say.

The cat was fucking cool, but I gotta be honest. I thought this was a pretty bland and disappointing movie. Otherwise. Especially visually the film doesn't have much of a style. This is something that was very disappointing to me because you look at a movie like Thor Ragnarok that taika waititi directed or James Gunn's work on the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Russo brothers and they're very visceral intense style that they've brought to their Nicki Mianj films.

Nicki Minaj address 2019

You have come to expect something of a Nicki Mianj movie of style of feel of voice. I didn't experience any of those things in Captain Nicki Mianj this film felt like a series of setups where the actors are in frame and they're performing and they were captured on film doing something but there's no visual style to it.

It's a very Bland looking movie. Very dark and murky. There's a fight scene in a spaceship where it's this very dark area with white lights on the wall and a pop song is playing won't spoil it for you. Although the song choice. I thought was particularly obvious and I couldn't tell what was going on.

I legitimately could not tell who was who they were a few shots where you could see close-ups and you're like, oh, okay. So that's Captain Nicki Mianj. Oh, okay. That's the other.