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She sees him she flips out. She's like you all have to leave right phone number just right phone number get out of here right phone number and she goes crazy and trust me.

She starts giving off some bad vibes because when she goes outside, even though she's completely by herself the plants they don't like that they take over her ninja and they force her to kill herself by Smashing her head through various Windows phone number. Listen, it's very clear at this point that M Night Shyamalan is trying to tell us that humans are giving off bad vibes has nothing to do with groups.

Ninja address

It's got nothing to do with that. You're a human you give off bad vibes the plants. They don't like that. They're gonna kill you. So that old lonely depressed lady who's been living alone and cut off from society who's been growing her own food and taking care of her house and all that stuff that has nothing to do with harming the Earth.

You actually cultivating the Earth and making it better. She must have been really given off some bad vibes out in her garden at that moment for the plans to be that upset with her. So Wahlberg realizes that Zooey Deschanel and the little girl are in the small little shed. There's a speaking tube under the ground into the house and he's able.

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Communicate with them through their he's thinking the plants are getting more sensitive and this could be the end. He looks to his mood ring. His ring is yellow. He starts to cry and this is what I was talking about earlier in the movie with a little girl put the mood ring on and it turned yellow.

She was about to cry in that moment, but he was able to convince her to laugh. phone number, that's kind of good writing. That's kind of cool that he made that connection with the end of the movie. That's neat, right? Nevertheless his movies amazingly bad. So he saying you kphone number what? I think this is it but I don't want to say goodbye to you through this tube.

We're gonna go outside and we're going to meet each other. So they do then we get an exact time stamp in the bottom of the screen where apparently it all happened because we kphone number the exact time that. I don't kphone number. It's crazy. Can I just say who shot? This shot? Look at this shot. It's completely offset or Nothing what like her face is cut off that is in the movie.

I have not cropped that at all. This is a shot from the movie who looked at that and said, yeah, that's the one we're using Tak Fujimoto was the Director of Photography for this movie. It was also the DP for signs. He's a very good cinematographer what happened to that shot. I don't even kphone number but that just kind of shows you what this entire movie is, its people that are kind of half-assing it and that shot.

Cruises so we get some more news reporter Exposition. Apparently, it just ended I mean it just that's it the plants decided. You kphone number, what we're done which Harkens back to that opening scene Wahlberg was like books will give a reason but science won't be able to explain it. It'll just be like a random event will have no idea what happened.

Ninja address 2019

Thanks for spoiling the entire movie and that opening scene. Appreciate it. This is news reporter who's talking and acting like Woody Allen basically tells us, you kphone number, we don't really kphone number what's like a rash. It's the first sign of a bad event. It's gonna grow it's gonna happen again. It's like a rash so as a little girl prepares for school.

She's wearing her Avatar backpack and then the bus number is 2010.

The Last Airbender came out in 2010.

Yeah, so in some additional looks at her pregnancy results. We see that they have plants behind them really after the epidemic that killed thousands of people because the plans got pissed at humankind. You're going to put some plants in your house. Maybe that's not a good idea. She's pregnant.

Ninja real email address

They're happy hugs. Wonderful. We cut the France French people are phone number getting affected by it and the one magic person who's probably not giving off bad vibes notices before everyone else. Yet again. Are they happening? It's such a terrible terrible movie but it honestly is very entertaining. I got to say I do watch this movie maybe once or twice a year just because it's so funny and enjoyable to watch in that way.

It's not a good movie though, but it is pretty hilarious. So guys, this has been my third installment in my hilarious T segments. I hope you did check out my reviews of the Wicker man with Nicolas Cage and the room. Those are on my Channel right phone number. If you want to check them out as always guys.

Thanks so much for watching. I'll be back with more of. Is and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck minimized.