our achievements

As the only Queensland Senator supported by a ‘Queensland centric’ organisation, Senator Glenn Lazarus has achieved much since commencing his role as a Senator for Queensland with the Parliament of Australia.

Our achievements include:

Saving the 2015 Arthur Beetson Murri Carnival

Securing Federal Government funding for the 2015 Arthur Beetson Murri Carnival to enable the carnival to be held this year. The carnival is Australia’s largest and most successful ‘no sugar, alcohol and cigarettes’ sporting carnival. Without Senator Glenn Lazarus’ efforts, the Queensland carnival would not have taken place this year.

Helping the disadvantaged and homeless

Securing the return of Federal Government funding to the ‘Big Issue’s Street Soccer Program’ for disadvantaged and homeless people across Australia. Senator Glenn Lazarus ensured funding was allocated to the program for two years.

Dumping deregulation

The dumping of deregulation of higher education. Senator Glenn Lazarus was instrumental in forcing the Federal Government to dump its deregulation of higher education policy. Senator Glenn Lazarus has stopped the Federal Government making major cuts to funding to universities and increasing the cost of degrees.

Saving lives across Australia

Establishing a Senate Inquiry into Housefire Deaths and Smoke Alarms across Australia. The Inquiry will investigate what changes and action the Australian Government needs to undertake to stop preventable deaths, injuries and devastation associated with housefires.

Proactively addressing Queensland drought

Conducting a state wide Queensland Water Summit in Dalby to urgently address the issue of drought and water management including use, cost, access and distribution, across the state of Queensland. Senator Glenn Lazarus developed a Water Action Plan to address the immediate and long term water needs of Queensland and will take Queensland’s water needs to the Federal Government for priority funding and other forms of increased assistance.

Raising money and awareness for Queensland farmers

Securing the support of the Brisbane Broncos to raise funds and awareness for the plight of Queensland farmers suffering from the worst drought on record at the NRL Round 22 ‘Brisbane Broncos’ versus ‘Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs’ game. Fundraising support was provided to Queensland farmers through donations to ‘Aussie Helpers’, a national Queensland based charity organisation which actively assists farmers by providing emotional support, counselling, food, clothing, financial assistance and feed for livestock. ‘Aussie Helpers’ is here to help these Queensland families to cope, survive and stay on their land.

Achieving results for paramedics across the country

Securing the support of the Australian Senate to establish a Senate Inquiry into the establishment of a national registration system for Australian paramedics. Paramedics are usually the first people to arrive at vehicle accidents and the first people we call when we need emergency assistance. Senator Glenn Lazarus has ensured paramedics are nationally recognised and professionally registered as per other healthcare professions.

Recognising our leaders of the future

Personally signing and distributing ‘congratulatory letters and leadership recognition certificates’ to over 10,000 students across Queensland who have demonstrated leadership excellence. Leadership is an important community attribute and involves the ability to inspire, communicate, motivate, represent and empower those who lead. These qualities should be recognised and celebrated in the youth of today. The program is continuing and will be delivered on an annual basis.

Fighting for the rights of all Queenslanders to say ‘NO’ to CSG mining

Pushing for a thorough inquiry into the human impact of CSG mining and the establishment of a Resources Ombudsman to provide the people of Australia with an independent agency to provide advocacy, support and assistance in relation to mining and CSG mining issues. A ‘Seven Point Plan’ to address the scourge of CSG mining has also been provided to the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.

“The ‘Seven Point Plan’ includes:

  • 1. The Queensland State Government should refer George’s death to the Queensland Police Service for investigation. George Bender was bullied to death. All other issues of bullying and harrassment by resource companies should be referred to the Queensland Police Service
  • 2. The establishment of a Royal Commission into the human impact of CSG mining
  • 3. The establishment of a Resources Ombudsman to provide the people of Australia with an independent body to deal with mining related complaints and concerns
  • 4. The establishment of a Resources Support Service to provide landholders affected by mining with appropriate legal, medical, mental health, financial and other support services
  • 5. A halt on the approval of any new CSG mining projects
  • 6. The establishment of a CSG Mining Commissioner, chartered to work in collaboration with all states and territories to review and overhaul all legislation relating to CSG mining, develop a national approach to the conduct and management of CSG mining activities, and manage the behaviour, actions, conduct and compliance activities of CSG mining companies
  • 7. The people of Australia must be given back the right to say no to mining on their property