our aim

Glenn leads by example and so do we. As his team, we are committed to ensuring the organisation delivers real, honest, transparent, forward thinking and meaningful support, services and representation. As Glenn’s team, we are driven by people policy, not party policy.

We value the following principles:

Honest, open and accountable Government and representation at all levels

We believe the people of Australia need and deserve honesty and integrity across all areas of Government and politics. Governments should serve the people of Australia while facilitating mechanisms to enable a healthy business environment. Big business should not dictate Government policy or decision making in the form of donations. All policy and decisions should be made in the best interests of the people of Australia and the future of our country.

Australia should come first

We believe that no one will take care of our country like the people of Australia will. This is why we need to put our country first in all that we do. We need to protect and support Australian businesses, industries, farmers and landholders. We must stop selling off our land and our assets to foreign investors and overseas buyers.

Australian jobs for Australian workers

We believe, our country needs to focus on growing Australian jobs for Australian workers. Our country is surrounded by water, we need to ensure we are self sufficient in all areas and that our shipping industry is strong. Australia enjoys a strong reputation for quality and quality produce. We have the potential to be the food bowl for the world producing and exporting world class produce. Trade agreements must be fair and supportive of Australia.

Clean renewable energy

We believe, as a country which enjoys extraordinary levels of sunlight, that we must harness and progress cleaner, greener renewable energy. Increased development and adoption of renewable energy will position our country for a sustainable future, enable communities to access locally sourced reliable, cleaner and cheaper energy, and reduce the harm caused to our environment, health and standard of living by dirty coal and other dirty energy.

Coal Seam Gas mining

We believe Coal Seam Gas (CSG) mining is one of the most harmful and dangerous forms of intrusive mining. Many countries and regions have already banned fracking and CSG mining due to the harmful impacts on human health, animal health, water and the environment. Many people do not have the right to say no to CSG mining companies undertaking mining on their land. This needs to stop. We want the Federal Government to: undertake a Royal Commission into the human impact of CSG mining, establish a Resources Ombudsman to give the people of Australia an independent advocate body to consider issues and complaints, stop fracking and stop any further CSG mining approvals.

Support Australian farmers

We believe Australian farmers, growers and producers are the back bone of this country and they are being ignored by all levels of Government. Australian farmers are facing many challenges including drought, natural disasters, difficult economic conditions, unfair and anti-competitive practices of overseas businesses, the dumping of cheaper and lesser quality products on the Australian market; and harsh buying behaviour by groups including Woolworths and Coles. Australia must support farmers and the broader economy by investing in forward thinking infrastructure and community building programs

Health, sport and recreation

We believe the future of our country depends on the health and welfare of our people. Australia is facing significant health issues in the sphere of obesity related illnesses, mental health and substance abuse. More needs to be done to address these issues and to encourage recreational and sporting activities across the community.