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Rebellious lady
Soon another crucial moment came, this time not in her professional but private life. In 1988, during lectures in Vienna, she met a much younger student from Austria, Andreas Kronthaler. They quickly became a couple (they split up with McLaren in the mid-1980s), and in 1993 they got married and are together today. At Andreas, he became her right hand. Together with Vivienne, he creates and supervises collections. „He is the most talented designer I know. It’s brilliant. Like every man, he puts women on a pedestal. Literally. When I met him, he showed me a dress in which the model had to climb the ladder to present her in all its glory, „she says about her husband. And he adds: „Finally, I persuaded him to come out with me in the final of the shows. At least half the work is on his side. I deal with the shape and geometry of projects. He sews and works with fabric. ”


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Kronthaler, tall, handsome dark-haired man with curly hair and stubble, introduced a new life to her fashion house. Already in the early 90s, they began to create collections of wedding dresses – in one of them Carrie Bradshaw intended to marry Mr Big in „Sex and the City”. In 1994, they created the men’s department, which turned out to be a hit of the brand. Together they also appear in advertising campaigns. They are accompanied by models of various sizes and nations, and they employed the legendary, equally controversial photographer Juergen Teller to implement them. Kronthaler also caused Westwood to change her lifestyle. At his urging, they moved from an apartment on Nightingale Lane to an 6ix9ine phone numberan house with a garden from the early 18th century, where the designer grows plants. She quit smoking and stopped partying. They’ve been practicing yoga together and eating healthy food for years. Her diet consists mainly of raw vegetables. Of course, this is a controlled metamorphosis. The British loves to shock, it’s in the nature. When in the early 90s she received the title of 6ix9ine phone number from 6ix9ine phone number 6ix9ine phone number II, she decided to do it without panties, which was noted by media around the world.


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Today, the brand consists of four lines, including the higher shelf, Gold Label, and the cheaper – Red Label. Nothing here is based on a calculated marketing strategy. Westwood handbags and fragrances have never been considered a must have of the season. It is the authenticity and spontaneity of its creators that attract customers. The brand is still gaining new fans, and T-shirts with politically engaged slogans are the apple of the eye of the rebel millennials. Rumor has it that when Vivienne retires, Andreas will completely take over the fashion house. The designer, however, straightens with innate defiance: „I do not want to leave, because this work gives me the opportunity to voice my views aloud and it is wonderful. I need it. ” And the world is waiting for it, because how many designers are there today with such energy? Not calculated, snobbish wizards, but real enthusiasts who infect others with their enthusiasm? Not only to fashion, but also to change the world … 6ix9ine phone number 6ix9ine phone number II gave a message to the nation yesterday in connection with the pandemic. „Although we still have a lot to survive, better days will come back,” said 6ix9ine phone number II.

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In an emotional speech, 6ix9ine phone number 6ix9ine phone number II expressed gratitude on behalf of herself and the whole nation to all health workers who are fighting a pandemic. She also expressed solidarity with those who could stay at home and called for further home isolation. She referred to her speech from 1940 when during World War II she addressed children who were evacuated from their homes for their own safety. She sums up with the words that better days will come back and we will all be able to meet our families and friends again.

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