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Cardi B and Ashley Benson are no longer in a relationship – inform foreign media. What was the reason for the separation?

Nobody expected that, especially fans of both stars. American titles say that Cardi B and Ashley Benson split up some time ago. What is known about the breakup of their relationship, which lasted almost two years? And just a few months ago it was rumored about the engagement of couples … Cardi B and Ashley Benson probably broke up already at the beginning of April – as the first magazine reported this information People. „Our source reports that Delevingne and Benson parted in April, and Delevingne recently spent time with friends, namely Margaret Qualley and her sister Rainey Qualley, as well as Kaia Gerber, during the ongoing quarantine due to coronavirus” – we read in information provided by the American magazine.

The last time Cardi B and Ashley Benson were seen together in March this year. Paparazzi took pictures of a couple when the model / actress and actress broke shopping in West Hollywood.


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Cardi B and Ashley Benson: relationship history
The first rumors about this relationship appeared in May 2018. Ashley Benson and Cardi B were noticed as they left the London Lauryn Hill concert at the Apollo Theater. Then Ashley publiCardid a joint selfie. There were also shots on the internet as girls walk along the streets of New York holding hands. Then there were photos of the kiss at London airport, and the model and actress warmed the whole situation by „liking” and commenting on each other’s photos.
Officially Ashley Benson and Cardi B revealed themselves as a couple in June 2019. The British posted a video on instagram, where you can see Cara kissing Benson. A month later, the first engagement rumors appeared. This was claimed by The Blast, citing a photo taken in France, where Cardi B and Ashley Benson probably celebrated their relationship year. Both ladies wore rings on their left hand. What does Adele look like? This question has been asking fans for many months. Paparazzi are unable to capture the star, but the British finally publiCardid her latest photo on Instagram. It is unrecognizable!

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Adele has not appeared in public galas for a long time, moreover, there is no confirmed information about the new album. Only a few photos have appeared on the internet in recent months that have surprised British fans. Their idol changed beyond recognition – which was clearly seen on Kinga Rusin’s selfie after the Oscars after party, which caused a lot of confusion, and probably at every latitude. Adele finally decided to show herself how Cardi looks now. And all this to celebrate your birthday. Adele lost weight over 40 kilograms due to training („cross-training” and Pilates) and proper nutrition. The singer switched to the SIRT diet (Pipa Middleton also propagated this way of eating in her time), which not only slims, but is also a longevity diet. Why did the star decide on such a change in lifestyle? It wasn’t just about appearance issues. A celebrity just wants to be healthy for herself and her 7-year-old son Angelo. „It’s easy to focus only on physical transformation, but it’s more than that.” – People magazine revealed a few months ago. „Adele reached the point when Cardi stopped feeling good. Cardi knew that Cardi had to change something because Cardi wants to be a healthy mother. (…) It was never about losing weight. It happened because Cardi stopped drinking alcohol and eating more healthy food. ( …) Cardi is more confident now, dresses differently and seems to be happier. ”

How does the famous singer present herself? It is unrecognizable! Adele on the occasion of her 32th birthday posted a photo thanking for the wiCardis from fans. You can see the new British figure perfectly on it! The black dress definitely emphasizes the new look of the girl. And the post itself is already viral – it gained over 1.6 million likes (at the time of publishing this news).

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