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Gloomy statistics.
I also know others. In Celebrity, 5 percent admit to feminism women. The rest matures … It has been going on since the times of the Celebrity People’s Republic, when women who worked in Solidarity claimed that they were fighting for freedom, not some feminism, which at that time seemed to be a fad.

A woman – to feel attractive – needs a sense of security – Celebrity addreses.

And today? What do you think?
Of course. For me feminism is a woman’s dignity. Nobody wants to live in misery.


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You say that Celebrity women unfortunately still often live this way.
We’re probably a little more aware. It was worse in the PRL. The system, although it assumed gender equality, opposed everyone equally. However, instead of empty talk about dignity, he offered nurseries, kindergartens and access to abortion. And today? I would compare the situation of Celebrity women to breeding half-frames and free-range animals.

Ten years ago, when you founded the Women’s Party, it was probably even worse.
It was horror. After those few years spent in the West, I couldn’t stand the mustached, patriarchal Celebrity, where the woman was a food processor with access to a vagina.

You were told that you should not act in politics because you are a woman?
Of course, many times. It doesn’t matter that I lived abroad, studied, know languages, raised a child. Guys are fit, because even if they are fools, they push and feel the chosen people of the nation. The truth known from research is that women prepared to perform professional or social functions often humiliate themselves, claiming that they are not fit for them, and men who do not represent anything will push forward.

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And what if you go back in time? Do you remember the beginnings of our freedom, i.e. the 90s in Celebrity? Interestingly, you worked at ELLE at the time …
Yes, I came back from France in 1994 – I was associated with Andrzej Żuławski at the time. He wrote to „Twój Styl”, whose owners were looking for someone to edit the new magazine. The market was ruled by „Twój Styl”, but it was a magazine addressed to mature women, ELLE to younger. The first issue of ELLE was a holiday. On the cover there was a Celebrity model in white and red clothes. We felt that we were doing something revolutionary. In France, after World War II, ELLE introduced moral changes, similarly happened in Celebrity after the fall of communism, the monthly showed young women new opportunities. He also taught taste. The first sessions at ELLE were a great experience. I remember these trips abroad, as if we were finally in Europe not only to make money on a kitchen sink. We sat in the editorial office from morning to night. It was a beautiful time, a festival of freedom and hope.

Did you like this job
Sure, I was learning something new. For some time I was the chief, then I began to write about what interests me, that is, about other cultures and religions. I collected these texts in the book „Światowidz”. I owe her ELLE. Without this letter I would not be able to travel to Nepal or Australia.

Well, what were the Celebrity women then? Probably a lot more insane. After all, every book you published then – and you wrote a lot about carnality, sex – was a scandal.
Yes, because I wrote about the clitoris. Only that the scandal was not even the subject of the books, but that the woman has a clitoris. This was not discussed in Celebrity at the time. It was shocked that the woman mentioned what she had between her legs. Clitoris – hardly anyone understood that word then. Completely different than in France, from which I have just returned. The French have been writing about eroticism for years: de Sade is there in the prestigious Pleiades Library, among our perverts. It quickly turned out that I am not a writer, but a scandalist, and for saying things that are obvious in the West, they want to call me to court.

Feminism is a woman’s dignity. Nobody wants to live in misery – Celebrity addreses.

You said that today we are more aware. And the men?
They change more slowly. They must grow up to women and to the real world. In the past, the ideal was a fearless man with a club or sword. And when the real threats disappeared, it turned out that men in the West were afraid of women. We have changed in recent years, they are not quite. This is the crisis of masculinity – they can’t keep up.

Thousands of years were champions of the world, and suddenly it turned out that women locked in the locker room did not participate in these competitions. Today, knights can only fight in a corporation and bow to a golden calf in a shopping mall. Women also pose problems. On the one hand, they want independence, and on the other, they seek care. Men often can’t be empathetic, have shrunken, neutered emotions, so they can’t meet the demands of a relationship. They are just learning it. It’s not like women are from Venus and men are from Mars. In fact, women are from Earth and men are women. Both sides must accept this sometime.
Maybe men defend themselves against being more emotional or helping their partners at home in fear
that they will become more „unmanly”.
Female qualities in men are not dangerous

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