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Alaia Baldwin Aronow, model and sister Hailey Bieber, has just announced on her Instagram that she is pregnant.

In the black and white photo that she published on the Alaia network, she can be seen in a sports outfit with a clearly rounded tummy and her husband, film producer Andrea Aronov. „I prepared something really special for this year’s Andrewa’s birthday … #BABYARONOW is coming in August 2020” the model wrote under the photo. Not only are they expecting their first child, but it also turns out it will be a girl.

Only in a few hours their post gathered nearly 20,000 likes and hundreds of congratulations, and one of the first people who commented on the photo was Alai’s younger sister – Hailey Bieber (she did not hide her emotion: she wrote „This is my niece” and added an emoji depicting a pink heart). Let us remind you that the Baldwin sisters are close enough that they were mutual bridesmaids at their weddings – not only Alaia during the marriage of Hailey with Justin Bieber, but also Hailey with Alai when she married Andrea Aronova (the couple got married in 2017 in New York). Who knows, maybe Hailey Bieber will also be the godmother of daughter Alai Baldwin? she always carefully watched the reality and situation of women. And how did her own change? Patrycja Pustkowiak talks with Celebrity phone numbers. Both writers are authors associated with ELLE and have recently published a book.

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You don’t wear a bra because – as you say – the best bra is a man’s hands. And in stilettos why don’t you wear? Don’t they give a woman a sense of attractiveness and confidence?
I doubt it. Rather, they make it difficult to walk, which makes the woman wobble and sends a message: „Oh, how sexy I’m shaky, help!” The soft heart of men, other parts of the body are tense, because in addition high heels position the vagina in such an angle that it becomes more accessible. An old trick that works on the subconscious and increases the profits of orthopedics. In my opinion, a woman needs a sense of security to feel attractive. Therefore, when Katarzyna Janowska invited me to her program „Strength of women” and ordered to bring a gadget associated with femininity, I brought gas. It is useful after dark. And basically during the day too. Escaping in high heels is sexy, but not very effective.
And a botox face is not sexy? Do you inject something with yourself?
I don’t even dye my hair. I don’t paint nails. Waste of time. I don’t understand this nail madness! Tips give women a sense of advantage, femininity?

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So you don’t care about the passage of time.
I was more concerned about fertility. I felt panic at the thought of pregnancy. I am glad that I already have it behind me. I am 55 years old, I will not dig with reality. Old age is not an open casket for me, an introduction to death, but a new and interesting stage. Of course, I feel the cultural pressure that women are to be forever beautiful and young, because this is their most important currency, but I am an artist and maybe that’s why I never took it into account. I go to the electricity.

Aging can have different dimensions. They say: „Aged” about artists who don’t provoke anymore. Do you feel something like that? There are those who say that Gretkowska once wrote with disinfection, and today she has a dull claw.
What can you say I have been writing for 30 years, I have published several dozen books, I am not ashamed of any. They were not unplanned children, I devoted a year to each of them. I am used to criticism. During my debut, they wrote: „Whore, slept with Miłosz to get a good review, and rewrote books from somewhere”, „Unable, graphic designer, let him disappear.” I lived in France for a few years and never saw anyone say such things about someone. If I listened to all this, I’d never write a book in my life.

Will you always write?
While I think so. I have thoughts, so I speak them. Or write it down. Apparently, so do intellectual people, writers and writers. I say what is not always popular, but what I believe. That was how I was in college, which is why I ended up in political asylum, and that’s how I am now. I have not changed.

You haven’t changed the relationship either. 20 years

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Recently, we are even married. We got married in the tub in our garden.

Why did you have this cat life after so many years?
Cemetery and tax wedding. Graveyard, because we are closer to us that way. And tax, because after releasing all these books I don’t have a pension, I have nothing. I only have a home. I am a woman with no future and he is a man with no possessions. We have made an exchange transaction.
Is your cooperation going so well in everyday life?
We try to be partners, but after thousands of years of patriarchy there are no miracles. We cook, clean together, raise our daughter together, sometimes even publish books together. We talk about everything, we advise ourselves. But if we did not share the responsibilities, probably by

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