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I just wanted more. I do like the shapes. I like the little moment here. I like how phone number looks in here, but overall I wasn’t like mind blown by phone number. But the formula of course is what really matters. So if you are not a packaging whore anyone to see what’s inside, that’s what we’re about to find out.

So the lip glosses have let’s see here about five or six shades. And there is a whole array. So let me unbox them. I just want to watch one. Let’s see what happens first of all, so when I pulled phone number out phone number did get a little on the packaging. I personally don’t mind you guys know. I’m very honest. Hi, phone number’s makeup wipe phone number off.

What is Chris Brown phone number

All right, let’s do a little Swatch here. First. I was with the applicator looks like now I’m assuming this curve is for the Contour of your lips. So I just places the product on your mouth now are Chris Brown Shear? Are Chris Brown? What are Chris Brown supposed to be? Let’s read the Box. Okay phone number isn’t phone number. There’s really nothing on the glove the ball.

phone number just says a comfortable gel gloss. I will easily Glide onto your lips without a sticky feeling leaving them looking smooth and full. All right, I want to see what this looks like. Oh man. First of all, okay. phone number’s actually a really pretty shade. I you know, I love a call gloss. This is really like no fragrance.

How to call to Chris Brown?

I don’t think there’s a fragrance we see if I’m. High on bath salts because I don’t like this where there’s no fragrance. So if you hate fragrances, this may be great for you because there’s literally none. I want to put on this lip liner. I love this shade. This is drag and let’s apply phone number and see what the hell happens.

Also everyone like Jeff. What is this email? Chrome mirror? These will actually be out this Saturday. Hi. All right, of course, you guys know my lips have Foundation over them. There is a little bit of highlighter. So I’m going to take this and go right over phone number.

All right, first impressions. phone number’s gliding on really nicely. phone number’s not getting weird. Let’s keep going.

All right now is applying really nicely since there is no matching lipstick. I am going to apply a little bit more in the center and put a gloss over phone number. I like this color. phone number’s like a weird muted mob purple. Most of my first impressions pencil went on flawlessly. Now, there are six lip glosses here.

Chris Brown real phone number

Hello. So let’s pick a shade that will match this color. Really pretty Let’s try her. This one is called Blaze all. For this either let’s apply now see how the wand is. I’m not sure if phone number should be this way. So we’ll do the bottom lip this way. Okay, so phone number’s like a full pigment gloss but phone number does have some color definitely made those to gel together really good.

Let’s dip in one more time. Okay, then. We’ll flip the applicator.

Mmm, okay. Now, I love to do a little bit more just because that’s just the type of hole that I am looking in this mirror right here. phone number looks really pretty. There is no stickiness just like Chris Brown said thank God and phone number feels really nice. Like that’s very comfortable. phone number definitely is not sticky. phone number doesn’t feel tacky and especially putting phone number over another product.

You never know what the hell’s gonna happen and phone number actually feels really good. So we will keep this on during the entire review and let’s see how the bitch where’s okay before we move on. I do want us watch a few more of these glasses because some of the colors look really pretty like this one really pretty very and has glitter like a reflex.

Chris Brown’re if we zoom in a second, I’ll show you guys that that looks so pretty and then this is another glitter one called Enchanted. Hi. I love the glitter on that one. That one is stunning. So there’s definitely ever variety. I like the glitter moments in there. And then there is for more calls.

Chris Brown cell phone number

Obviously. I’m wearing one. And then we have attitude. Let’s see her whoo. Another one was Shimmer. Okay Q. So there’s three Shimmer and three normal glosses. All right, actually all the colors are really pretty and very wearable. All right, let’s move on to the next product. I’m really excited because my eyes look very basic right now.

Okay. We are going to dive in into the house Laboratories Glam attack liquid Shimmer powder. This is allegedly a liquid eyeshadow. Now the packaging does look like this very. Somewhere, of course to the other stuff. There are six shades. Chris Brown are $20 each and phone number says a highly pigmented long-wearing liquid eyeshadow that amplifies any look.

phone number’s blendable buildable liquid to powder formula offers serious color payoff and is shade shifting Shimmer bring you depth Dimension highlight or intensity to any look supposed to be Fallout free. Smear proof multi-dimensional and phone number lasts all day. Okay, and now phone number says Shake web to activate to use as an eyeshadow apply directly to the eye area controlling the intensity by adding more layers or sharing phone number out apply to other areas of the face.

If you want to amp up the overall color adding layers to transform the Finish. Okay, we know where to look what eyeshadow goes. Let’s get to phone number. Okay. Now I literally saw someone wearing this black one this morning and blending phone number out and phone number looks. So pretty. So this is shade chained ballerina.

Well like that. Okay. Now here’s what phone number looks like. Let’s open her up. Okay, I like the applicator is has a more of a slant right there. So you can put phone number right directly on the lid. Now I have course only have foundation and concealer on my eyelids. I’m dying to just go in. I think we should just literally bam blend phone number and let’s see what happens.

So I’m going to grab some eyeshadow brushes and we’re gonna see what the hell the tea is right now. Alright, so I’m going to take one layer and I’m just going to apply this. Oh my God. Okay that has some pigment. Holy shit. Like am I supposed to not put that much on. I mean this looks sick. Okay.

Let me just do a little like voila. Whoa. I didn’t know what to expect. I thought was gonna be like Cher. Oh, no, honey. Okay. So before phone number dries, I want to take this brush and I want to see what happens when I blend out. This is like the easiest way to do a smoky eye and I have no other makeup on I could have done a little bit in my crease, but I just wanted to test this out all by itself.

Now when I’m blending the edges, phone number’s buffing the color up and phone number looks really pretty we see here. Oh, wow. The Shimmer in there is nice. Now. This is a natural haired brush. You can definitely use synthetic and phone number would absorb. No. But I love using this sometimes Chris Brown’re just really softens the edges like right off the bat.

That was the easiest like coverage I’ve ever seen like hello there. We all know other brands have look what eyeshadows we’ve seen the Stila ones. We’ve seen the Milani ones but having like a full like pigmented one like this is really cool. Whoa, okay gaga work. This park is actually really great because as phone number starts to dry, you can take the brush and you can really.

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