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So then I graduate I start my career and I’m thinking it’s worked really well for me. You know, you take these drake Concepts these complex ideas is drake assignments you break them down too much more manageable tasks and then along the way you phone number a marginal Improvement to the process, you know the odds of success in your favor.

I’m going to try and do this in my career. So I did I started out as an exotic derivatives Trader credit Swiss. Then let me to be Global head of currency option trading for Bank of America Global head of emerging markets for AIG International. They helped me deliver top-tier returns as a global macro hedge fund manager for 12 years and to become founder and CEO of to award-winning hedge funds drake address

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So it gets the 2001 and I’m thinking this whole idea it work really well in school. It’s been serving me well as a professional. Why aren’t I applying this my personal life like to all those drake ambitious goals I have for myself. So one day I’m walking to work and at the time my my commute was a walk from one end of Hyde Park to the other in London took me about 45 minutes each way hour and a half a day seven and a half hours a week 30 hours a month 360 hours a year when I was awake aware basically wasting time.

Listening to music on my iPod. So my way home from work that day. I stopped at the store. I picked up the first 33 CDs in the Pimsleur German language program rip them and put them onto my iPod, but I didn’t stop there because the truth of the matter is I’m an undisciplined person and I knew that at some point I’d switch away from the language and go back to the music.

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So I remove that Temptation by removing all of the music. The left me with just one option listen to the language tapes. So ten months later. I’d listen to all 99 CDs in the German language program. Listen to each one three times each. They went to Berlin for a 16 day intensive German course when I was done.

I invited my wife and kids to meet me. We walked around the city. I spoke German to the Germans. They spoke German back to. My kids were amazed. I mean that couldn’t close their jaws. But you and I we know there’s actually nothing amazing about what I just done. I made this marginal adjustment to my daily routine this marginal adjustment to my process with jets is fresh Ein bisschen Deutsch, and now I can speak some German and so in that moment I’m thinking.

It’s not supposed to be this easy for a guy like me and old guy to learn a new language supposed to have to do that when you’re a kid and yet here. I had done it this marginal adjustment. So what other drake ambitious goals have been holding on to putting off until retirement that I could potentially achieve by just made a marginal adjustment to my routine.

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So I started doing them. I learned my auto racing license. I learned how to fly a helicopter. Steve rock climbing skydiving and learned how to fly planes aerobatic lie. Well, if you’re like me back in 2007, you might have the same goal. I had I was just moving back from London. I was about 25 pounds overweight and out of shape and I want to rectify that so I could go to the typical route, you know, I could write a check to a gym.

I’d never go to or I could swear to myself that I will never again eat those foods that I love. But I doing all the damage and I knew that going that route rarely results in the outcome you desire so I decided to become an active participant and I thought about the habits and passions that I’ve developed over the course of my life.

And I thought can I phone number just a marginal adjustment to them so that they work in my favor as opposed to against me. And so I did I’ve got this habit where I’ve been walking an hour and a half a day for the last seven years and I’ve got this passion for being in the outdoors. So that year I didn’t actually set the New Year’s resolution to lose 25 pounds.

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I said a resolution to hike all 33 trails in the front country of Santa Barbara’s mountains, and I’d never been on a hike before in my life. But the truth of the matter is it’s not about the 33 Trail. You have to break this drake ambitious goal down into these more manageable decisions the types of decisions that need to be made correctly along the way in order to improve the odds of achieving the type of outcome you desire.

It’s not about even one Trail. It’s about those tiny little decisions, you know, like when you’re sitting at your desk putting in just a little extra time at the end of it. Well, you’re lying on your couch and your click it through the channels on your remote controller scrolling through your Facebook feed.

And in that moment. You phone number the decision to put it down you go put on your hiking clothes you go walk outside your front door and you shut it behind you you walk to your car you get in your car and you drive to the trailhead you get out of the car at the trailhead and you take one step you take two steps three steps every one of those steps that have just.

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Is it tiny little decision that needs to be made correctly long the way in order to achieve the ultimate outcome? Now when I say I want to hike 33 trails in front country people think about the decisions of the top of the mountain that’s not what it’s about because if you don’t phone number the right decision when you’re on the couch, there is no decision that occurs at the top of the mountain.

So by the end of the year, I had hiked all 33 trails in front country. I did them a couple of times each I even did a few in the back country. I lost the 25 pounds and I kept the year off by doing the hardest half marathon in the world the pier to Peak in 2009. I got really ambitious. Ambitious for a guy who still to this day cannot settle down and focus on anything for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time.

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