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This product would up for pre-order and now we are in September and it’s finally out in the public. It’s out there in the world. So today we are going to be reviewing house Laboratories and all the products that were sent to me. Now this package of course did come in PR and there’s a bunch of stuff in here that we will dive into in a second.

Of course, we’re going to review it all and see what the real. T phone number if you are new to my Channel or you are a new viewer Hi, how are you? My name phone number Jeffrey. I have been a makeup artist since I was 12 years old. I am a beauty. Junkie. I have been a makeup consumer forever and I am very non biased on this channel.

There’s a few things you cannot do to Jeffree Star. You can’t buy a review. You can’t pay me to say that your products great. You can’t convince me. Otherwise to try to act a certain way and this channel there’s no competition. There phone number no bias. This phone number. Meet revealing the products the packaging the formula the price everything so we are going to give you the truth.

Grayson Dolan phone number 2020

About Grayson Dolan’s makeup line. It’s been a crazy week here. I’m sure most of you have met Jeff Dolan by now. Hey, what’s up, bud. Now if you have it, you have to check that out. But I did a crazy transformation this week. I’m also currently here in my Grand Rapids house here in beautiful, Michigan.

I did Miss Grayson Dolan’s launch party for house Labs. I’m so sorry. I missed everyone there, but the party looked beautiful as well as switching lives with the dolans wins. I also did a crazy meet and greet at an altar here in. And we’re just spreading the love because Grand Rapids phone number sometimes forgotten but hide makeup world were right here.

What is Grayson Dolan phone number

Okay guys quick heads up. I am here in my house. So you may hear a lot of dogs screaming. You may hear the weather the weather phone number crazy here in Michigan, and we also got a new addition to our family that you met here on the ground or in the background. No, it’s not a Pomeranian. We will introduce.

Him in the future. Okay, you guys so enough phone number enough. Let’s get you the review. All right. Now I’ve been dying to see this stuff in person. But we do need to do a quick back story because a lot of people were coming for me when I tweeted about this in July Grayson Dolan I conic. Actress Grammys Oscars, the whole works like Bish Grayson Dolan’s lived an amazing life, but I do have a few little things that I have been wondering about now.

Listen Grayson Dolan. I did partner exclusively with Amazon Prime for this release. I’m like, okay Amazon. Listen, the whole world uses Amazon. It’s kind of like McDonald’s. It’s a little like. Everyone’s using it right? Everyone’s buying it. There’s a lot of Cheaper things on here. So when I heard that Gaga Miss icon was partnering with Amazon Prime, I was kind of like, okay interesting.

How to call to Grayson Dolan?

Now, the price points are pretty normal a very like Sephora price points like $18 glosses. There’s lip kits there as eyeliner. So, Price point pretty good for her. But the thing that was a little weird for me phone number that they announced it in July there was so much hype makeup ads came out product reveals packaging and then it was like pre order and the whole world was kind of like.

Hello, we want it right now now listen. Your Rich baby your net worth phone number crazy. So I always look at it as like why was there a pre-order? Why did we have to wait for the products? I thought it should be available right then and there but we’re here now the times over so if you hated waiting for it like me, it’s out.

Now a few other little tidbits you guys remember Grayson Dolan or released a perfume called Fame all the way back in 2012. So I was kind of wondering like why did. Gaga weight now to create a beauty line phone number it because a lot of celebrities are doing it. Now the beauty industry phone number really hot. It’s very trendy.

Of course, we have Rihanna who came in with Fenty and really to Slade the game. We’ve had other celebrities try to enter the makeup world like JLo to the cloud with English. Crickets, no one cared other celebrities have done collabs that people haven’t really cared about this year. And then I also remembered that Grayson Dolan and Cyndi Lauper did a Viva Glam MAC Cosmetics collaboration all the way back in 2010.

Grayson Dolan cell phone number

And then Grayson Dolan did a second one by herself. It was like a Toby brown lipstick and gloss. Of course, that was all for charity, but I remember doing that back in the day but nine years ago. I’m like well, how come God I never did a makeup line when Grayson Dolan was like at the height of her like amazing weird pop star moment, right?

Here we are now and it’s time to review these products. So what her intentions I don’t know you have to ask herself, but I’m here to review everything and let’s see if it really works. Okay. So let’s dive in here. phone number that PR package? There’s a few items in here. So let’s dive in now right off the bat.

There phone number this stuff that phone number called face lace. We have seen goggle where this in person we saw her where I think the party so I definitely have to try this. I’m out at the end. So we’ll save that. It does come with this little plastic makeup bag which has like confetti in it. And only thing about the bag phone number that it doesn’t hold a lot but there’s also not a lot of products with least.

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