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We are constantly upgrading tools friend from a Google doc to a tool to the next to the next to and and that’s also because you got money to spend like don’t blow your budget on the best CRM system in the world when you.

Got any leads in it to manage? But yeah for me it’s all about those tools. Like again. There’s so many nice little tools and plug-ins for Gmail that for example, when you hover over the email address it pops up with their LinkedIn data are we pops up with their clout score on Twitter little things that just streamlined way that you work there really cool.

Jace Norman phone number 2020

I really like them actually had I actually use some one of the tools especially its I think it’s useful it might be used for album sales. So it. Links with your Google calendar. It’s called Charlie app. I’ll probably be sure to link in the description. So the Charlie app is like Charlie Chaplin Charlie app things to your Google calendar picks up bit like meetings you have planned with people you haven’t had meetings before and then they research the person and they are an email before hand or something where you can email like 24 hours early like cross-referencing.

Social with their social with their career Yeah by Facebook, whatever and you see that Common Ground. So for example, you know you I can see that I’ll make a lot of premier league right? We have so much in common and then personalize. Yeah, here’s my see you get into that conversation and you go like I I saw that you might like what happened last week like that’s a lot but still the it relaxes them because when people think that you’re going to sell them they put up barriers and your job as a sales person or business.

Jace Norman real phone number 2020

This to blow those barriers, but another tool you just remind me of it’s like this is a lifesaver for us is an appointment to so there’s Kevin lid is a point Li for from Poland. Like imagine how much time you waste with clients when you’re like what time you send an email? What time would you like to talk tomorrow?

I’d like to talk at three PM off. I clearly 3:00 p.m. Can you do for me and every you know, it’s like when that effective marketing site with websites and every step you add you lose conversion just it just. Killer, yeah calendly in the point lead. These are Life Savers because you just say pick a time that suits you and now we walk in as a sales person.

I’m walking into three scheduled calls that day that the clients have scheduled leave the coming in and saying talk to me at 1 p.m. This no more. I wonder now. I really love the idea that you you’re awesome. You’re like give tips on sales on how to create a sales team. Different stuff for startups later stage companies whatever and you created the the list also to for them to book your examine and you set up one day a week and it’s such a good idea takes me so much time these days to to I think currently answer to all those because it’s I mean, it’s a win-win right to Jace?

Jace Norman cell phone number

I’m not being like selfless. Yeah. I like to get like you like we had a lot of questions from people how to do this and that and I want to give them attention, but the flip side is every time. Someone asked me like like we’re doing right now it makes me challenge myself. Like how do we really go out and get these right now?

Is it still accurate? Is there a better way so it’s really good on that. Yeah, we were doing it. I’m afraid every Friday to our set aside for anybody in the world to ask anything about sales and to call us out like exactly if you think anything we said today could be better or worse or you have a different idea.

It’s the like those valuable knows. In the beginning like super open to feedback. Yeah, please do if you had my English. If you hate our setup here in our office, you know, feel free to to say oh and one more thing is we’re talking about the tools that help you to get those for sales and and I feel like you know, we talk a lot about the pipeline and they write about tools to optimize conversions to make the workflow of.

How to call to Jace Norman?

Pretty automated in the way or like much more optimized but I just like lately. I just realized that the the getting sales getting traction. It’s mostly about just number of contacts with people and being open enough to get as many contacts as possible. And I feel like so many companies just you know, the way they have their contact site or with this.

Bad bad form where they ask you like quadrillion details about your company or shoe size whatever that they don’t really need and you know the forms that everything they say is we don’t want to have to deal with you or we don’t have want to have any contact with you. You just forget about you know, the content being the best feedback possible just like we discussed and especially early days because it’s pretty typical that.

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Later stage you know that Jed the companies get more like proxy more firewall between them and the customers and it’s kind of normal. When you when you when you have a scale like we used to have my phone number and everywhere all over the website. We don’t have the we don’t do that anymore.

Although my phone numbers pretty easy to find it all over the web show. But but I feel like, you know tools like live chat or more advanced tools or. Maybe not more advanced but like different kind of tools like marketing automation tools like intercom or user engaged or whatever. They are Lifesaver at especially at the early stage like like we use laughed up in in Iron days and it was Lifesaver because I could be in the cinema.

I could be at the Queue at the post office whatever show and I could talk to customers.

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