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Excellent and super excited. We are finally getting this show off the ground. We have so much amazing health information to bring to you guys and we’re also going to have an amazing line-up of expert Health guess.

We’ve got lots of people that were going to be interviewing and talking to you and we’re really excited to share that knowledge with you guys and Jesse and I also have our own a huge Bank of knowledge that we’re going to be sharing with you guys too, because there’s so much information to be explored and lots of questions lots of Concepts.

There’s a lot of controversy and just in the health World in general. There’s just so many areas that we want to touch upon so we can’t wait to do that. Yeah, so the majority of the show, is there going to be expert interviews where we’re going to take various people on with different expertise such as paleo diet raw food superfoods a whole broad range.

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It’s not just going to be limited to health either. It’ll be inspirational people out in the world. Basically, we want to take your health from where you’re at and bring it to the next level. That’s the whole premise behind the show. Absolutely, when there’s so many people with different areas and that’s that’s going to be really exciting to hear people’s different perspectives because everyone has their own perspective, but people are getting a lot very lost with all the information that’s out there.

So I’m excited to hear what everyone has to say. Yeah. So I think it’s a good idea. We start out by giving everybody an idea of who we are what we do. And how we got to the place we are at now in our personal health Journey. What do you say Marnie? Let’s do it. All right, so why don’t you take off and let people know a little bit about you and and again where you are currently.

Okay. Well my journey really started at a young age because I’ve always been fascinated and interested with healthy food healthy living the body and that it’s the journey. He started when I went to Kinesiology and Health Sciences here in Toronto, and I just really wanted to really explore working with people one-on-one.

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And that’s when I got into personal training and learning about the body learning about health and then I slowly started to and you know what I should go back a little bit even further when I was really young girl. I was always. Interested in healthy food and healthy eating and how that impacted the body and interested in Fitness and Nutrition.

So that’s what led to the Kinesiology Journey but while I was in kinesiology and doing personal training, I really started to experiment with different foods and nutrition and how that impacted the body the address. And that really kind of started to push me away from the Kinesiology world and personal training into nutrition.

So I went to school here in Toronto to The Institute of holistic nutrition. And when I found it that a school like that existed, I was extremely excited because that is what I was already doing. I was already eating. Foods and learning about plant-based foods, and you know, you’re anything organic was important to me.

What is Jojo Siwa phone number

So I was learning about all that and then not just learning about nutrition and working with people one-on-one, but I really wanted to apply that into the kitchen. So the next step of my journey was going to culinary school in New York. So I went to the Natural Gourmet culinary school. And I got to bring my nutrition skills and apply them in the kitchen and take those kitchen skills to the next level.

And then when I came back to Toronto, I knew that teaching people the concepts of nutrition and being having them applied in the kitchen and working with people through that was going to be the most impactful in their lives.

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So that’s how the cooking classes began. So I’ve been now teaching cooking classes for almost seven years and I started the business Chris really very Grassroots just started doing cooking.

Classes in my parents home and had people coming to them and it just it’s taken time, but it’s evolved into a full business. Now that I have a studio on on Eglinton Avenue in Toronto and it is a fabulous space that people can come into and learn about healthy food healthy eating get inspiration to bring.

Natural Foods into their own life and other lifestyle modalities as well too. So now I get to share my passion for healthy food healthy living and bring it to other people and I really I really enjoy exploring this so that’s a little bit about my journey. I know I’ll be able to get into a little bit more as we as we keep talking.

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So wow. That’s great. You’ve come a long way and what a great story guess. I’ll get into my story now. I’ve always been into health and doing what’s best for my body. But that’s evolved over the years back in the beginning that may have been like not drinking pop or avoiding deep fried food. So really really basic stuff, which is great and everybody has to start there.

But over the years I was very inquisitive and I kept taking things to the next level to the next level to where I am today basically in University. I realized I had a real passion for the human body anatomy physiology. So I knew I wanted to get involved in and in the health field. So I took Kinesiology or human kinetics in my undergrad.

And at first I was thinking of getting into physiotherapy what? Is has a lot of overlap with Chiropractic but there are some major differences. So I had the opportunity to volunteer at a chiropractic office for actually over a year and learn all about Chiropractic and how that could help the body.

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So I kind of steered things a little bit from the physio ended up going to chiropractic school in Toronto, Ontario. And yeah my passion for health has just continued to Blossom over the years during my four years. Years of Chiropractic College in Toronto just was doing a Google search one day and I was looking up krill oil.

I’m not sure where I got the idea krill oil, but I think it might have been for a. Dr. Mercola is website. So I did a Google Search and Kevin Gianni’s video on the Renegade Health show came up and he had this pretty funny real really real video where he was showing some exercises and talking about the benefits of krill oil and and I just got intrigued by his energy and the information he had to share.

And that’s when I really don’t have into the next level of holistic health. I mean I started watching his videos that led to other gurus in the health world and I just got super passionate about taking my health to that next level. So I’ve done a lot of reading since I’ve done a lot of blogging putting together this information for myself my family for others online and I just continue to learn.

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