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We’re so used to like this is where a cup happens. Yes, you know like this is where the next scene. The rules say that this scene should be about this length. And then here we get into the second act around here. We have the inciting incident and then later we’ll have the first five minutes later.

This plot Point has exactly and and while the film in some ways plays into a formula that you can watch and feel like you’re invested in a story a narrative. You’re right, it breaks those rules and I love films like that. I love when a movie is going and it’s going and it’s going and. It’s still going and the scene still going Spielberg.

Does that amazing when he when he builds and crafts sequences because you talk a lot, you know in film school, you know, people talk about scenes and moments and character beats and arcs and plumes and where to do that each don’t see as many filmmakers anymore crafting. These epic sequences that feel like they’re they’re just this overarching thing that’s occurring in the exorcism sequence is one of those it’s a lot of scenes, but it’s all harnessed in one and I mentioned this all the time.

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The T-Rex break out in your first Jurassic Park, that’s not a seen it. As soon as the power goes out as soon as they stopped in front of the T-Rex Paddock. It feels like every single moment after that is building to the T-Rex stomping off into the forest. What a touch exactly and that’s a that’s a collection of scenes and and that’s something for I can.

Did so well this movement is understanding how to build that. It’s interesting. You said that because I was watching again. I noticed how much he moved the camera. I think that’s a trait of Spielberg how much he moves the camera. I live this very spill Bergen that but I yeah, I was like wow like I remember being blown away by the directing the first time but the second time I really noticed like wow, he really did move it like that.

And and if you see any of the behind-the-scenes stuff like they didn’t have steadicams and shit. So what they had no shit, they had a frickin chair and a pulley system and they were just like pull the person on the chair with their feet up. Like that one tracking shot where she’s like going crazy on the bed for the first time they go from the freaking like front door and they go up the steps and like so it’s somebody on like a chair and then like with the freaking camera and then they followed them like all the way up and wow.

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Yeah, it was pretty crazy that’s respect. There’s another crazy like snork am type shot where Reagan grabs the doctors nuts, but that like the cameras like, oh the guys are here any like falls back? So like the rig they made was like a chair. And they have the guy in the chair and like is all wood Center blocks, whatever and then they just kind of like tilting them back.

It’s incredible. So Mike that’s not a great thing about this film. I’ll practical effects which he’s levitating that’s wires. All the shit was non see Jean all that stuff the breath I’m teaching, you know that story about the breath how they achieved that negative twenty-five degree room. Okay. I don’t know dick Harper different the thing no digital breath and you got to give it to Linda Blair in this role because she had no point of reference.

She couldn’t look at other films and say like what’s what is a possessed girl act? Like, you know, I mean the voice is which another actress provided a times and there were different sounds and everything speaking of sounds have you heard about the pigs? It was for just the are is it? Yes supposedly.

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When the demon leaves, yes that goes into father Karras. It was a sound of pigs. Yeah. Do you understand the Biblical significance? Yes, we all know. I think also the pigs were like getting let into Slaughter. Yeah, the Biblical significance that you can test me if I’m wrong. But yeah, there’s a demon in a lady I think of Jesus cast out the demon into the pigs and the pigs went over the cliff.

You’re absolutely right. Yeah. I look that up and I’m always fascinated when a director is able to put little things like that in the film, you know, and that’s just. Like if this film wasn’t as famous as it is, I doubt that anyone will have ever picked up on that little details. But when you start analyzing it and really looking into it that just shows you that they were really legitimately trying to make a good movie.

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Like they went above and beyond great job of filmmakers and great job by Warner for not censoring it because they yeah, they could have easily sent to the shit out of this movie like yeah, I think so fix blood and it was very controversial. We have movies like The Justin Bieber to thank for so many other me like you sit down and watch The Conjuring.

Probably wouldn’t exist without this. No, I wouldn’t think any of them would honestly no I’m gonna give The Justin Bieber an A so I can figure it. If you want it. I’ll give it a billion out of 10. I’ll try to I’ll put that number. Okay? Yeah. Well Matt, thank you so much for joining me on this video.

Thanks for everything. I knew for a fact if I was ever going to review this movie. It had to be you. I mean, you’ve got the knowledge you have a signed letter from William Peter blatty. I mean. There’s nobody else that would ever join me on exercise may be Joe’s gonna grow. So guys. Please do check out match channel.

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