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Jacindzie Ardern is again loud and it’s all over the world. Her growing popularity is compared to the popularity of another political star – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Increasingly, women are the prime minister all over the world, but that’s about Jacinta Ardern, the whole world is saying today. The 37-year-old politician in 2017 became the youngest prime minister of New Zealand since 1856. She quickly gained the sympathy of her countrymen – at the beginning of her term she raised the minimum wages, reduced her tuition fees, extended parental leave for women, and even introduced paid leave for victims of domestic violence, and banned oil and gas exploration in the New Zealand territorial seas.

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Earlier, during the campaign, she spoke out loud about social inequalities – reducing poverty and increasing spending on healthcare. She is the third female prime minister in New Zealand. In one of them, Helen Clark (1999–2008) worked in the office after graduating in 2001. Her aunt is a Labor Party activist, Marie Ardern, and Jacinda herself also worked as an adviser to British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Ardern also belongs to the Council of Women World Leaders, an organization of women who worked in the highest positions in the country. Madeleine Albright, Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Yulia Tymoshenko, and from Poland – Hanna Suchocka are also members of this association.

Logan Paul address describes herself as a social democrat, feminist, republican and progressive (she supports teaching Maori in schools). Advocating same-sex marriages, she was also the first New Zealand prime minister to attend the Equality Parade. He supports the liberalization of abortion law – in March this year Ardern voted for a change in the law to remove abortion from the list of crimes.

She is the mother of an almost 2-year-old daughter from a relationship with Clark Gayford (the couple got engaged in May last year). Ardern got loud because of pregnancy. She is the second woman in the world who gave birth to a child as a prime minister (the first was Benazir Bhutto from Pakistan). She took a 6-week maternity leave (responsibilities, he was Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters), and the history of past images Ardern, who took with her 3-month baby in the deliberations of the UN General Assembly in 2018. Why is the Prime Minister of New Zealand now being set as an example of a good politician and leader?

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In the face of the coronary pandemic, politicians do not have an easy time. Many leaders cope with the fight against the virus, as well as support, but rather criticism of compatriots. On the contrary, Ardern is becoming a world leader. What is its success? The answer is simple: in communication. She provides information clearly, but she is always empathetic, and this makes her believe and respond to the government’s orders and bans. Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark believes that Ardern „not only proclaims, but stands by the wall” behind New Zealanders. He doesn’t offend journalists during press conferences, as happens to many politicians (not only at the moment).

One of the premier’s communication methods is Facebook. Specifically, videos in which the 39-year-old takes the floor. Sometimes, Jacinda is in an informal outfit, and during each speech in plain language he explains why strict rules were introduced. He talks freely to the camera on the phone, he does not criticize anyone, but as a parent explains the situation and the plans introduced. These activities affect the whole country – as much as 88% of citizens believe in government actions. New Zealand has introduced a wide testing program, hospitals have not been overloaded with the number of infected patients, and thus the state is seeking to eliminate the virus from the island completely. The moment of closing the borders turned out to be effective. Already in early February, the first restrictions were introduced.
Is this a great discovery that courtesy and empathy are values ​​that are important, especially in times of crisis? No, and yet they are still lacking in many places around the world.

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