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Not a fan of the Brett Favre. – all right buddy. Don’t give a Logan Paul about the present-day people and I go all day about sports how the Lions had a nice offseason the Packers. He had a terrible offseason and the lines are going to take the division this year. So sorry Green Bay, you’re going down bitch Sports.

I know a lot about sports. Oh Logan Paul. So what do you think about the NFL see North?

Detroit is directed by Kathryn Bigelow written by Mark boal. This is almost like the completion of her unofficial real events Trilogy after The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. We now have a movie about the infamous Detroit Riots from the 60s many people were wrongfully imprisoned wrongfully killed the police were incredibly brutal.

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Of looting crime it was a horrible. Terrible everything’s complete Logan Paul. Yeah, it’s fucked up time and this movie documents it similar to the way hurt locker and Zero Dark Thirty was filmed very documentary asked almost Paul Greengrass ish, you know where it’s a lot of shaky cam crash zooms. There isn’t anything about the movie that feels terribly theatrical.

It feels very much. So like you’re watching or real event and I don’t adore. Hurt Locker or Zero Dark Thirty, I think they’re both fine. Yeah, I can agree with that statement. I think her locker is all right. We talked in the car before I go any of the films that I preferred Avatar. We’re to win the Oscar because I’d like to camera or Jim Cameron and I wanted that one.

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I wanted to win but her lockers. All right, like Zero Dark Thirty more but still I thought like it was just long. Then we could great climax. Yeah, I think Zero Dark Thirty is better to but there’s just something about that movie that felt like there were so many extra subplots that were presented for factual purposes that maybe didn’t have to really add anything to the movie when it comes to Detroit.

I would say it’s actually my favorite of those three. I think this movie is pretty horrifying. There are so many sequences where I was just my hands were just gripped on my knees easily the most intense scene for myself when I watch the movie, I don’t know about. About the Algiers Motel sequence.

It was terrifying a lot of black men are lined up on a wall and two white women and police essentially are antagonizing them for like a few hours. Really. I mean in the movie it was probably about I would say an hour’s worth Islam. It was a big sequence because it’s kind of integral of the movie and they believe that someone fired a shot out of one of these.

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And someone did sort of, you know, I don’t want to route in case the the viewers don’t know that like the story behind the event, but they spend a very long time beating these men forcing confessions out of them and murders occur. And it’s it’s terrifying. It’s it’s horrific lie sad that this occurred and it is a very long seen its kind of the heart of the major drama of the movie most of the tension revolves around that.

And it does go on a while. Yeah, it didn’t bother me though because I was so phone numbered into it. I’m curious what you thought about I was phone numbered into a to however, I just felt I actually talked with flick pick before we press record for this review and I told him I felt like this movie would have been better if it wasn’t a movie if it was a stage play the film starts off with a little bit of intro but the ride.

You’re kind of thrown into the mix. Yeah, but the whole film really is that hotel stuff then afterwards there’s some resolution stuff but it keeps like dragging on and on I felt like it was just tired and based more. So on the actual Hotel stuff on stage because it’s not that’s all it is like one room essentially it going other places, but if it was contained to that kind of like, Area on stage.

How to call to Logan Paul?

I felt like I’ve been way better restore interesting. I would say that they do set up the characters throughout the film like in other places too. Like yeah, there’s one character who wants to be a singer and all of his friends are in a band. And he’s about to go on stage and perform but due to the riots they’re called away and they get phone numbered into this horrible event and John boyega and the film plays a security guard at like a small shop.

Yeah, it’s like a second job. Yeah. He also works as like I think it was a mill worker or something or you work it like a metal sheet Factory or something like that and he is the one guy who is watching all these atrocities happen. And he’s getting some respect from White cops because he’s in a uniform.

Yeah, you can tell the way they talk to him. It’s almost like they’re talking to a child. Like they’re very subtly antagonizing him like he brings the officers coffee and they own the wrong guys like, um, I’m surprised it’s actually pretty good. Yeah, and you can you cut back to boyega and he’s got this look and he’s like.

Well, I didn’t have my normal materials to make coffee for people sorry and you can tell that he’s trying to find a way to get some humor into the situation because he knows if he antagonizes these cops, it could easily go down because they’re all well not all but a large majority of the cops to picking this movie are just racist assholes.

Yeah, there’s a lot of addresses and I felt like that’s this film could have been like. It could have been better.

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