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Give me a second part be scientific douchebag figure out the variables probabilities experimentation there.

Yeah, that’s scenes in the movie and it was supposed to be really intense didn’t really work out though. It’s just amazingly awesome. So Wahlberg is starting to think you know what maybe when people are grouped together, you know, we just split up we need to get away from groups because this thing is attacking groups because the you know, we’re stepping on the grass or whatever or bumping into too many leaves.

So we need to split up into groups. So this point in the movie now people are dying everywhere and Wahlberg is really starting to think. You know, what maybe we’re setting off the plants. Maybe it’s the plants. It’s probably the plants. Yeah, we need to get someplace. Right? We need to get out of here.

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Oh crap, here comes the wind the big epic evil wind scene and I tried to make the wind scary and it just didn’t really work out. Eventually. They run into these two kids one of us Spencer Breslin on loan from Abigail Breslin who was in signs and they’re just chit-chatting a lot. You know, these two kids look like they’re about 14 to 15 years old, you know, I don’t really understand what they’re doing.

They’re they’re immensely incredibly calm for these two. It’s you are obviously separated from their families. You’d think that would really be what they were thinking about. Like Hey, where’s my parents? Where’s my sister? Where’s my brother? Where my grandparents? I don’t know something besides.

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Oh cool. That’s a mood ring. Let me see that. Oh, wow. There’s a kind of clever idea that happens where they’re in a model home. You don’t find out there in a model home until after that scene where all the stuff in the house is fake and you’re watching it. Like what in the world’s going on? It was kind of a clever idea.

But in the long run it kind of ended up being a distraction at the same time in this scene. However, we get an incredible moment where Wahlberg talks to a houseplant and I understand that in this scene. It is supposed to be funny. But that’s the Enigma of this movie. You can’t always tell like is this supposed to be funny or is this just so bad that it’s funny and you can’t always tell which one is which we’re just here to use the bathroom.

I’m just gonna leave. That’s okay. So when he’s looking down a hill, he sees a whole bunch of people running and he’s like, there’s too many people over there. No, it’s too many people and sure enough. They all stopped moving and up. There. It is. They’re done for he turns on a lawnmower and lets it run him over.

What is Ninja phone number

It’s the violence in the movie just isn’t scary. It comes off as funny then they run past a sign with a shot lingers on homes being developed and everything more man-made problems. We get it Shyamalan the plants are upset at us. They don’t like us so they come upon this house and they’re knocking on the doors because they think maybe there could be some food in there.

The little girl is swinging on a maple tree. Why would you do that? Obviously, everyone’s freaking out about this plant thing might not be a good idea to go on the swing. In phone number Wahlberg says, maybe that’s not a good idea. I told her just for a minute. What kind of tree is this? I think it’s a maple.

I mean, this is like time-wasting dialogue at this point now during this scene Mark Wahlberg is trying to convince this guy who’s in the house that they’re normal this way of convincing people that their normal is by doing this. Well Blackwater, keep on rollin, Mississippi Moon won’t you keep on shining on me?

How to call to Ninja?

See we’re normal. Just FYI. If you ever want to convince someone that you’re normal. Don’t do that. Then all of a sudden the kids like turn into rioters. They’re like show your face is open the door. We just want to get some food for this little girl you pussies like where in the world did that come from?

It was almost like em night was giving us a reason to not. Be that fortnite about the phone number that those kids are about to get shot. Yes, the children are killed. They’re all killed and you’re kind of like wow, this is shocking. But no, it doesn’t hit the line that sham lawn wanted to I think because the whole movie is so funny, but it’s like it’s bad and funny and so wouldn’t these kids are getting killed you like know how to feel about this.

Actually. Is it disturbing or just kind of funny or am I disturbed because I think it’s funny. So after the kids ninja, they actually kind of hang out for like a minute. Girl still on the porch and Wahlberg is like fortnite about it and you’re like you might want to get away from this guy who’s taking a shotgun and just sticking it out of his windows and stuff.

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You might want to get away from that area. Then we get this needless news reporter Exposition where it tells us what’s going on in the world because without that we wouldn’t know what’s going on. In phone number, there’s a lot of news reporter Exposition in this movie. I hated movies where someone just stands up and goes here’s the information that you need to know auninjance because you are too dumb to figure out these plot points on your own.

I will tell them for you because I’m reading from this. It I hope you figured it out. Thank you pretty soon. They stumble upon an old house. Welcome to the crazy old lady house. That sounds like a goose bumps title Wahlberg just kind of stands there and stares at this woman. She’s like yui in my lemon drink.

I suppose the nice thing to do would be to let you stay for supper come in. I’m not going to ask you again, man. It was really easy to be invited into the house of someone who’s been completely cut off from society for decades who just allows any random person to enter her house and makes dinner for that person when they do not say a single word, but that’s okay because if she hadn’t done that then we wouldn’t get this scene.

I hear you Whispering planning on stealing something. No ma’am were not planning on murdering me in my sleep. What no, I love that scene. What no now one of the biggest WTF moments of this movie is when he wakes up the next morning and goes in her room and sees a doll like it’s just a doll in her bed like this really weird wooden doll.

The weird thing is is he’s literally approaching the bed where anyone on Earth would be able to at this point C. That is a small wooden doll, and he goes mrs. Jones. No Wahlberg, it’s really not mrs. Jones. It’s a doll. So she flips out.

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