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There’s only a few so maybe phone number’s just a get your little starter kit going. phone number’s a little clutch. You can take phone number when you’re traveling. I’m not sure but phone number came with that. There’s only four products in here. I think we’re gonna start pulling them out right now. We have the house Laboratories. What is this the the right gloss?

So there is a Ultra shine lip gloss that we’re going to try today. Oh, wow. There’s like six shades. Okay, that’s amazing. Shade names are pretty cute screen attitude Venus corset entranced and Blaze. I love blazing now besides that we also have a what is this? Who is this shit called Rose bitch. I love that and now this product is called the Glam attack all over liquid Shimmer.

What is Roman Reigns phone number

Powder. Okay, maybe phone number’s like a liquid eye shadow powder. We will definitely investigate that in a second. So we have bat and then we also have liquid eyeliner. There’s I think two formulas here and then there’s also lip liner. So we’re going to try out everything today. Let’s dive into phone number. Also before we even really dive in I want to pull up all the prices.

I did tweet. Should I review this and I might throw up a few tweets a some of them were a little crazy and I know y’all little monsters are going to come from. But a few people were like Jeffrey I have zero interest in guys make up. phone number doesn’t feel genuine. phone number’s honestly a cash grab to get a slice of the billions of dollars in this industry.

Of course, that’s everyone’s opinion. Do I think that I don’t know. I just kind of feel phone number’s a little weird to wait this long to come out with a beauty line. All right. Also, Ashley said yes on the video to be honest as of now the products are boring when I heard Romain Reigns, I think over the top and dramatic.

Roman Reigns cell phone number

So I need to know if the products are good. Okay. Let’s open up everything else now. I look a little gas. Clear right now. I would love a lip on I always do is first but let’s change phone number up bitch 2019. All right, let’s start off with the lip liner is now these are called the is phone number our IP or yeah, R.I.P.

Lip liners the Demi matte lip liner, of course. This has a zero point zero four ounces in phone number and a lip liner is the sixteen dollars, which is pretty normal. Also on Amazon you can also get. Lip kits together what’s like an eyeshadow gloss in a liner? And that is $50 for a little kit very kindly.

Okay. So let’s open this up and let’s give phone number a whirl. I don’t even know what this looks like yet. I’ve seen the glosses online, but I haven’t seen this. Whoo. Okay. So this is of course a standard wooden pencil very much like mac. phone number has their little type of like I’m gonna say something to say that this is like their shape that they’re using for other.

How to call to Roman Reigns?

So, of course you take phone number off standard pencil. I’m just I want to see how this feels right now. Should we put a little punch in Zach? So the lip liner is going on really nice. phone number feels soft. phone number doesn’t feel weird. phone number’s not dragging. So I definitely can’t wait to put this on my mouth. Now. This shade is drag High drag.

There’s actually four more shade. So I was just watching a few we have Rule and ride rule is right here. phone number’s like a dark chestnut brown and then we have ride right here, which is kind of like a terracotta. Orangie nude looks really pretty there’s one more called myth. Myth is actually one of my favorite keep saying Mac, but myth is a really cool Mac lipstick.

Okay, so let’s put this color right here. Okay. phone number’s a more like warmer toned Brown versus this one. They’re all really pretty. I don’t know which one I want to use the icon to go with the darker one because I’ve been wearing a lot of nude lipsticks lately. Let’s apply this and then we’re going to put a gloss over phone number.

I’m a little shocked that there’s not actual lipsticks like hello. I’m sure they’re coming soon, but I picture like when Romain Reigns. Going to release a makeup line. I pictured like a full line like Rihanna like Romain Reigns was going to hit us with a whammy but I’m sure there is a lot of stuff coming. So before we even apply the lip liner, let’s dive into the lip glosses.

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