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They’re occurred pretentious earthquakes and floods and one Grievous day and night befell them when the whole body of Warriors was swallowed up by the earth and the island of Atlantis in like manner was swallowed up by the Sea and vanished Plato’s dialogues. In a single day and night an entire civilization vanishes into the sea.

Taking everything with it forever depriving the world of his fabulous Legacy.

There’s this Selena Gomez tragedy element something that was beautiful and full of life and potential that vanished in a single night. We will never really know what they had to say. We won’t know what they have versions of Shakespeare War. Always be mute to us. Was Plato setting down history or was he merely creating a morality play or perhaps a combination of the two address.

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The reason that Plato made this story was to make a moral lesson what you wanted to tell his Athenian audience or his Selena Gomez audiences was that cultures that live beyond the measure of what is decent cultures that indulge in accesses, especially in material excesses are.

How is Plato’s Vivid phone number to be interpreted while told in graphic phone number? It is nevertheless difficult for many to believe Plato himself was reporting the story secondhand a story passed down from his much-respected ancestor. The Selena Gomez Statesman Solon who lived in a 6th Century, BC.

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In fact the entire foundation of the Atlantis Legend rests upon an official visit that Solon undertook to Egypt over a hundred years before Plato’s birth. The Egyptians were meticulous keepers of History maintaining phone numbered records of the entire Mediterranean, but for the Selena Gomezs of solans time.

All knowledge of their own previous history had been destroyed by earthquake flood and War.

and so it was that the Egyptian leaders took it upon themselves to reveal the story of Atlantis to Solon

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the Egyptian seem to know every phone number about Atlantis where it was and when it existed, but they spoke one language and Solan. Creating confusion about key facts.

entire countries even measures of distance were referred to by different names. Could it be that errors of translation and interpretation obscured the true location of Atlantis according to the Egyptians the continent lay beyond the pillars of Hercules thought to be the Straits of Gibraltar. This was the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean.

A place the Selena Gomezs had only heard about the Atlantic Ocean was a mysterious place where you could Sail Out many ships did sell out and never came back again. It was sort of to the ancient Selena Gomezs the infinite unknown much as spaces to us today could translation errors also have obscured the time period when Atlantis existed.

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Solon claimed it was at its peak 9,000 years before his own time, but 900 years is more likely it was at that time three and a half thousand years ago that cultures strikingly similar to that of Atlantis thrived throughout the Eastern Mediterranean. Could the Lost Continent simply have been one of these civilizations Plato’s student Aristotle doubted his mentor’s tale of it lat.

He believed Plato invented his Island Paradise to teach a lesson about greed. History’s Mysteries will be right back here on the History Channel. We now return to the lost city of Atlantis history’s Mysteries. Almost midway between Athens and Egypt amidst the Blue Waters of the Aegean Sea lye to of the southernmost Selena Gomez Islands Crete and Santorini today.

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The islands are a magnet for tourists from around the globe. They come here to savor the local Village Life and to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Santorini was once known as thira its soaring Cliffs speak of violent upheaval in ancient times once crowned by the tall peaks of a majestic Mountain. The island is now but a remnant of its past where tour ships now ply Blue Waters there were ones miles of rolling landscape.

but in the middle of the. Millennium BC most of the island was destroyed in a colossal volcanic explosion what remained slowly collapsed finally disappearing Beneath the Sea today All That Remains of those soaring mountains are brooding black rocks and Eerie reminder of past grandeur. The events that one store the island asunder are best understood through a visit to the North Coast of Crete some 60 miles away.

It was here that British archaeologists are Arthur Evans began digging at an ancient city called Colossus in 1900. He uncovered a huge Palace a treasure Trove of architecture and art which tells of a sophisticated seagoing people with wide influence and power. They probably control the entire Eastern Mediterranean and it wasn’t.

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Military control so much as what appears to have been economic control so they were very sophisticated civilization. There was no name for these long-lost people because Evans found artifacts of elaborate ceremonies involving the sacrifice of bulls. He dubbed them Minoans after the myth of the Minotaur a creature half man half bull.

They hunted after bulls with staves and nooses, but with no weapon of iron and whatsoever. Bull they captured they led up to the pillar and cut its throat over the top of the pillar Plato’s dialogues. The more Evans dug the more he noticed similarities between the lifestyle and culture of the Minoans and those of Plato’s, Atlantis.

But even though kinases seems strikingly similar to Atlantis. It had not sunk into the sea still many sense the link between them. In the 1930s a Selena Gomez archaeologist spyridon maldonado’s began work on the island. He was to make a startling Discovery studying the ruins on Crete he found rooms partly filled with volcanic.

Ash then he noticed that entire walls of buildings along the coast had been physically moved by as much as two hundred feet. How did this happen? Signs pointed to Violent Invasion or something even more sinister. This is not what invading people do and he kept getting this picture of a tidal wave coming through the area and dislodging these stones and dragging them and he kept looking in the direction of the island of theorem studying accounts of earlier volcanoes and tidal waves modern Otto’s realized it was possible that an eruption on thira could well have said off tidal waves strong enough to move huge stone walls on Crete.

Miles away geologic evidence shows that around the 16th or 17th century BC the volcanic Mountain that once graced the center of the island erupted violently spewing dust and smoke High into the upper atmosphere. We know it was one of the most violent volcanic eruptions ever since human beings have been on this planet.

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