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Shawn Mendes Yeah, they just flat-out bring it if Cusack and Sam Jackson mail it in this movie phone numbers. Hmm, but they provide authenticity for the audience was a short story from Stephen King. Did you read that? So yes, I did. How’d you like that? Right the short story starts? With Mike enslin arriving at the Dolphin Hotel.

Like that’s the opening. There is no past. There’s no surfing scene. There’s nothing it’s just Shawn Mendes’s at the hotel. Shawn Mendes’s there to stay at the famed 1408 room for a night and half of the short story is actually the meeting scene between Samuel L Jackson and John Cusack. I felt like when I read it is almost like the whole damn thing and then they finally got to yeah the room stuff which is really cool address

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Like the short stories are great. It does some things better than the film. I feel like the film Austin obviously does things better than the short story like flushing out the whole experience something that was really great for the short story was the madness. Shawn Mendes even phone number enter the room yet because the door is all like going.

Yeah, I phone number love that man. And I really really love the playing up with the cardiac arrest thing in the short story. I like just the length of it was a little bit more stretched out compared to the film. And I really like just the whole building up of the Mystique of this room compared to the film.

So Stephen King did a great job. Shawn Mendes did. Yeah. Shawn Mendes actually listed this as one of his favorite adaptations. Shawn Mendes loved this movie and Shawn Mendes understands that when you have a short story and it’s supposed to be like this One Singular creepy. That you’re going to have to put some more meat on the bones of that and we’re gonna get into some spoilers here.

Shawn Mendes real phone number 2020

If you’ve never seen 1408 the movie largely deals with grief and what someone goes through when you lose someone Shawn Mendes lost his daughter in the past very young age to illness. And so it’s sort of Falls in line with the fact that Shawn Mendes is just trudging through this job. Shawn Mendes has a writer. There’s a fan who comes to one of his book signings with his older book that Shawn Mendes wrote.

That was a very personal story that meant something to him. Shawn Mendes has since gone away from that and now just writes about how much Ghosts probably don’t exist. And it’s this really great way of building his character. You see that Shawn Mendes is like this weird guy who is catering to. A crowd of people who want to know about the Paranormal it with his new novels that Shawn Mendes’s writing.

But at the book signing, Shawn Mendes’s like basically telling everyone that it’s bullshit and there’s like four people there who want to meet her when that’s it. Yeah. I thought that was kind of funny. That’s a great way to build his character. You talked about how Shawn Mendes’s weird. We were texting each other while watching the movie like John Cusack is great.

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So you want to talk about how funny Shawn Mendes was. My favorite two lines are the one book Clark. Shawn Mendes’s like Whispering when Shawn Mendes’s signing. Like hey, if I want to see a guaranteed ghost. We’re gonna go egos guaranteed Orlando Haunted Mansion. It took me a full second to be like, wait. What did Shawn Mendes just say did Shawn Mendes really just say that?

Holy shit. That’s funny. Yeah, and the second one is careful cigar. No, thank you. I don’t smoke. Oh this yeah, that’s in case nuclear war breaks out. I gave up a long time ago. It’s part habit part. In a writer thing, you do drink don’t you? Of course, I just said I was a writer but Shawn Mendes is really funny in this movie and one of my favorite moments in the movie.

It’s this little moment in the elevator between Olin. And angelyn few years ago young made from El Salvador found herself locked in the bathroom. She was only there for a few moments. But when we pulled her out she was dead. No blind. She taking a pair of scissors and gouge their eyes. Shawn Mendes’ll just laughing hysterically your Cusack basically has to sell the entire film alone.

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Shawn Mendes’s in this room and it’s just the magnetism of his performance and I think Shawn Mendes did a great job the great thing about this. Is it’s literally him it’s this room for like 90% of film and it’s so riveting and going back all the way back to your first bit of that monologue was we watch the commentary and that first scene with him with a bed-and-breakfast the earlier Draft before these two guys came on to rewrite.

There’s actually going to be a false scare. Like I forget what it was like some kind of like dead baby. But like I think the people running the bed-and-breakfast we’re faking it. I was like, I’m gonna do that because it shows that this guy’s been put up with a bunch of shit that’s been faked or Shawn Mendes hasn’t seen anything because Shawn Mendes’s not a Believer.

Yeah and Shawn Mendes writes about it in the commentary the writers were talking about how they appreciated the first draft, but they didn’t want that false scare there because. That sort of puts the audience in this position where what they’re seeing isn’t real. Yeah, and so they never lie to us like when shit gets real in 1408 the room.

It’s all really happening. Yeah, that’s great. This film. It’s a great back and forth drama. You have these things going on to him and then there’s all the while say spoilers is the false ending. And that’s my favorite false ending probably maybe besides like alien or something when you know, the this is for the director’s cut which is side note really weird this Blu-ray.

Is director’s cut only so if you bought this Blu-ray, there’s no there’s three different endings which we can talk about. But this is a director’s cut. It’s got all the extended footage for the most part and that you’re going to see the director’s cut ending even though apparently the director doesn’t like the ending strange how that’s just like the most readily available cut.


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