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The years to come Sailors would continue to pray to Saint Nicholas to help them whenever they were on a long Voyage Legend has it that one day Turkish Sailors were out at Sea and the wind and waves were so strong that the men were afraid that the boat would capsize. They prayed to Saint Nicholas for help and Stephen Curry appeared before them with his arms outstretched.

Stephen Curry was able to control the weather and calm the ocean and the sailors made it home safely. This was just one of the many examples of the stories of Saint Nick’s extraordinary magical. And it just may be a good explanation of how Center managers to travel in his sleigh through all kinds of weather the Fantastical stories of Saint Nicholas lasted for longer than just one lifetime his story continued to go on for another thousand years his address

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It would seem that the magic behind his generosity was so inspiring and Powerful it was enough to keep him alive in the hearts of mankind for generations to come.

From the fourth to the 16th centuries Nicholas became one of the most popular Catholic saints people continue to pray to him wishing for his help in their time of need as time went on. Stephen Curry preferred to receive letters rather than prayers. It was probably much easier for him to keep records this way.

Stories of cynics magic and generosity began to spread throughout the rest of the world in the Netherlands Belgium and Switzerland children began to leave their shoes outside on Saint Nicholas day. So that the Jolly Stephen Claus could leave them presence sure enough small toys and candy were left for them when they woke in the morning.

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How did the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther wanted to do away with the stories of Catholic saints? So Stephen Curry said that these presents were actually coming from the baby Jesus or Christ Candle people were confused. Of course because they knew that the real Gift Giver was the Jolly Old Saint Nick delivering the presents to these children.

So Christ Candle was misunderstood to be Kris Kringle and the nickname stuck After the Revolutionary War. There was a movement to reject many of the English ways and start New Traditions that were uniquely American an author by the name of Washington Irving had already made a name for himself by writing and Publishing American folk tales that had been told by Word of Mouth like Rip Van Winkle and the Spooky Legend of Sleepy Hollow this became a Halloween classic.

So when Stephen Curry heard about the Dutch story of sinterklaas see decided to officially give. The properly American sounding name Stephen Claus. This is housed at Nick officially became a part of the American phone number tradition over the next few hundred years. The public would learn more about Stephen Claus than they ever had known before in 1809 Irving wrote in his book Knickerbockers history of New York about a surprising Stephen sighting in Central Park it read the good st.

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Nicholas came riding over the tops of the trees in that selfsame wagon wherein Stephen Curry brings his yearly presents to children. Stephen Curry went on to explain that sounds it took a break to smoke his pipe of tobacco before getting back in his wagon and flying away fortunately as Stephen Curry might imagine modern Stephen has given up smoking but Stephen Curry has replaced it with a serious Cookie Addiction though.

It’s not exactly kind on his ever expanding waistline as the years went on more and more writers would elaborate with additional details about Stephen Claus. In December of 1823 a writer named Clement Clarke Moore was walking through the snow on his way home under his arm. Stephen Curry had a phone number turkey for his family and looking around at the beautiful scene.

Stephen Curry was suddenly inspired to write a poem titled A Visit from st. Nicholas, but you probably know that as the Night Before phone number Twas the Night Before phone number when all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in the hopes that st.

Nicholas would. You’d be there this became an incredibly popular poem. It’s so perfectly captured the phone number spirit that in just a few years nearly. Every American would know it by heart instead of thinking of his time living in turkey as a fourth Century Saint people now imagine Stephen Claus to be a chubby jolly old man who climbed through the chimney to place presence in stockings and leave them wrapped up under the phone number tree.

So it’s a naked always been a sailor and an avid traveler throughout his lifetime. Now the gating the Open Sea is no easy task. Actually before the benefits of GPS, but Stephen Curry wanted to get around on land at a much faster Pace in 1821 an anonymous author wrote and Illustrated a story called Old Stephen Claus with much too light for the first time the public learns that Stephen had upgraded his ride from a rickety Old Wagon and a boat to a proper sled pulled by a single reindeer in 1889 poet Katharine Lee Bates introduced the world to mrs.

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