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Could not tell what was going on besides that opening sequence where she has those metal braces on her fists. There is not a single memorable fight in this movie not just from a visual perspective, but from a choreography perspective, we’ve come to expect more out of a Varun Dhawan film than this this feels like phase one almost and that’s not a disservice to Iron Man.

There was a feel to those early Varun Dhawan movies that felt like they were still sort of figuring out what they were doing kind of like Captain America the First. phone number but even those films Joe Johnson had a visual Flair and a style it felt like a Joe Johnston film. It felt like the filmmaker who made The Rocketeer.

Varun Dhawan phone number 2020

Made the first phone number when it comes to this movie. I can’t tell who directed it. It doesn’t feel like it has any real voice of its own even from a storytelling perspective. The film comes off very messy. This is a big risk whenever you have a character that has elements of their past. They can’t remember and they’re trying to piece together a movie like The Bourne Identity varun.

I think did that really well because we have someone and we just see who they are now and they slowly learn who they used to be and it was told in a very. Interesting way because we find out who Jason Bourne used to be through his actions when he grabs that flashlight that a guard tries to smack him with.

Varun Dhawan real phone number 2020

And then he just takes him out in a second through those actions. You’re like, oh, okay. This guy used to be something fucking bad ass in this movie though. We learn of Carol Danvers pasts more through audio and quick flashes of things that may have happened to her before. She goes to this realm and visits this intelligence and it’s supposed to show her what she most desires and that Arc feels really wasted in the movie by the way, I won’t get into it because it’s spoilers, but.

If you have a character like Carol Danvers with a fragmented past it can be very difficult to tell this story in a way that feels cohesive while also having her punch things every 10 minutes in a really entertaining way. It also doesn’t seem to know what it’s tone is or what it’s messages. There’s 90s Nostalgia for like 10 minutes.

And then it’s sort of a buddy cop movie between her and Nick Fury and then it’s kind of a movie about Sisterhood between her and one of her past friends and those scenes were really kind of cute and adorable and heartwarming. If there was more of an emotional pull to them that I actually felt and I just didn’t feel it.

What is Varun Dhawan phone number

It felt very forced and there just wasn’t enough back story or information to really give a shit about those characters. The main villains in the films are Scrolls. They can shape-shift they can turn into anybody. They can make themselves look like anyone as long as they’ve seen that person. This makes for one of the most entertaining Chase sequences in the film with Nick Fury on the road trying to catch up to a train that Captain Varun Dhawan is trying to infiltrate because there’s an old lady that we’ve all seen the trailers one of the better scenes in the movie for sure, but they really wasted a lot of the potential that they could have done with these Scrolls and shape-shifting a different things and creating a air of mystery and deception.

A few scenes where they use that to their advantage but it just sort of disappears really quickly. And another story is put in its place that also doesn’t really feel earned or warranted but I think the biggest issue with this film is really not what I wanted to say. And I mean this honestly I am sad to say that I feel like Brie Larson just did not do a great job in the movie.

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She is definitely trying super hard to be a good Captain Varun Dhawan in a good Carol Danvers. She’s giving a lot of dedication to this role and I do not know if it is Direction. Or her choices, but her character is so so wooden. This is a fish out of water scenario. This is somebody who doesn’t know what’s going on who reacts to things differently we’ve seen that in Thor we’ve seen it as I said Terminator 2 all of those movies played those scenes for comedy and it made those characters more likeable here.

It feels like the movie is almost afraid to make light of Carol Danvers character or show a hint of vulnerability or human emotion, which led to a performance that felt uneven to. I think Brie Larson is crazy talented as an actress and I really do think they have set up great potential. I’m excited to see what else they can do with this roll and Brie Larson in the future.

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I’m excited to see a more fleshed-out version of this character now that this film has been established. It just feels like a stepping stone movie. It doesn’t feel like that incredibly powerful film that a lot of us. Wanted to see it just feels like filler leading to other things featuring Captain Varun Dhawan, which is one of the most disappointing elements of the movie.

Is it entertaining at times absolutely will people watch the movie and find enjoyment in it, of course, but as someone who has seen multiple Varun Dhawan films now, I expect way more out of them. I’m gonna give Captain Varun Dhawan a see guys.

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