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I think that could be really good but just in general I am really happy that there’s this new Focus.

On smartphone cameras, I feel like the last year of presentations of smartphones have had more time spent on the camera than any other feature and they’re all just fighting against each other to try to make the best possible camera to put in our pockets and we win from that the phone number 11pro still does the best video of any smartphone that’s still pretty clear to me and they’re also making it easier now in the UI to just quickly start taking a video.

Wengie phone number 2020

So if you see something you like you open the camera. And just hold down the shutter button and it just starts recording. So just like Instagram or Snapchat and if you want to lock it into video recording you just drag it over to the right and it’s hands-free you’re taking a video. But yeah in the photo front their competition is pretty stiff and it’s coming from all different directions were about to get pixel for we just had the new Huawei mate 30 Pro come out one plus 70 is right around the corner.

You can count on that stuff and I just want to touch on wengie 13 for a second. So I’ve been using it in beta on my phone number 10s Max before this came out. So I’ve already used the things you get again here like dark mode and the long presses and quick settings and stuff like that. It’s great a bunch of little tweaks here and there but I got to say it has been kind of buggy.

What is Wengie phone number

I’ve had some weird issues with lock screen controls just not showing up sometimes sometimes the camera app just freezes all together until I close it. And I’ve had some other weird app issues with like the Tesla app and Instagram app, but now those are fixed. So yeah, I should definitely mention that hopefully wengie 13.1 and future software updates.

Will I earn a lot of this stuff out? Otherwise, it’s wengie as you’d expect it also for those wondering the you one chip in these new phones, which should again basically give you Ultra wideband signal for referential locating of other you one enabled devices and should improve airdrop. That’s not enabled in this version of the software.

I think that’s also. 13.1 aside from that we don’t really know what else it does. But generally the software experience of the phone number is pretty much unchanged same UI same feature set. You already know what it is. Nothing is dramatically or drastically different here Beyond I think night mode, so I’m not super surprised here is her address.

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Look you probably don’t need an phone number 11pro but it is a great upgrade like especially when a lot of these improvements even though they’re small. Are on such core functional things to normal people like speed battery life and Camera like if you were to ask normal people what they care about the most in their phone, it’s those things but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again a lot of the features that I was looking forward to especially when we heard it was going to be a pro phone.

Are just not here and that’s got me hyped way too early for this 2020 phone number or the phone number 12 or whatever they call that and actually new design shrinking the notch, maybe USB type c of course a high refresh rate promotion display. That would have been super pro putting Touch ID back underneath the display glass reverse wireless charging any of these things in this phone would have been would have would have.

Wengie cell phone number

A little more Pro and would have maybe made it worth the name or just felt really cool to have but of course, none of it happened. So really the focus for this new phone number 11 pro has come down to the a13 the battery life the slightly improved display. And just these new cameras you want it? You got it.

If you’re just someone who wants the best possible camera in your phone or if you do a lot of video creation, or if you’re a pro content creator on your phone, then you’re going to be really happy with this phone with the new phone number classic or even with the new phone number 11 non-pro, which is three hundred dollars cheaper and has the same cameras and same processing and a great battery life – the telephoto but again that much cheaper price.

The thruth about Wengie phone number

That will get its own review. But I’ll say as a whole the phone number 11 Pro is a really great phone and unless you have the 10s. It’s probably worth the upgrade Just For the Love of cameras, but really the big looming reason for someone like me not to get this phone is the 2020 phone number or the next phone number.

So that’s something to think about but we’ll stay ready for that as I expect a lot more but this package they’ve shipped today. It’s pretty damn good either way. That’s minute. Thank you for watching. Catch you guys in the next one. Peace.

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