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I’ve host I host a syndicated radio show five days a week. I go live in 40 cities and I talk to men and women across America who feel stuck. Do you know that a third of Americans feel dissatisfied with their lives right now?

That is a hundred million people. That’s insane. And I’ve come face-to-face with it in this new show that I’m doing which is also insane. It’s called in-laws. I move in with families across America.

You guessed it who are at war with their in-laws? Moving into the same house. I verbally assassinate everybody. We open up Pandora’s Box and I get people to stop arguing about the donuts and who’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner and talk about the real stuff and that’s what I want to talk to you about.

Youtubers phone numbers 2020

I’m here for you. I’m going to tell you everything I know in less than 18 minutes about how to get what you want. So I want you to take a millisecond right now and I want you to think about what you want you and I want you to be selfish screw Simon and the we think this is about me right now. Sorry Simon.

What do you want? And here’s the deal. I don’t want it to sound good to other people. Being healthy will not get your ass on a treadmill. Losing your man boobs so you could hook up with somebody now that’s motivation. So I want to know what do you want? Do you want to lose weight? You want to Triple your income?

Youtubers real phone number 2020

You want to start a non-profit? You want to find love? What is it? Get it right here. You know what it is. Don’t an analyze it the death just pick something. That’s part of the problem. You won’t pick. So we’re going to be talking about how you get what you want. And frankly getting what you want is simple.

But notice I didn’t say it was easy. It’s very simple. In fact, if you think about it, we live in the most amazing moment in time. So that thing that you have up here. Whatever it may be you want to use healthy eating to cure your diabetes. You want to figure out how to take care of the elders and start a new hospice center.

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You want to move to Africa and build a school. Guess what you can walk into a bookstore right now and by at least 10 books written by credentialed experts on how the hell you doing. You could Google it and you could probably find at least I don’t know a thousand blogs. Documenting the step by step by step transformation that somebody else is already doing you can find anybody online and cyber stalk phone numbers.

You can just walk in their footsteps and let that you know, just use the science of drafting follow what everyone else is done because somebody else is already doing it. So why don’t you have what you want? When you have all the information that you need you have the contacts that you need there are probably free tools online that allow you to start a business or join a group or do whatever the heck you want.

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Shut the front door. You know what I’m talking about. The F-bomb, it’s everywhere. You hear it all the time and I honestly don’t understand what the appeal is of the word. I mean don’t sound smart when you say it. And it’s really not expressing how you really feel. It’s sort of a cheap, you know shot to take and of course, you know, I’m talking about the word.

fine. How you doing? I’m fine. Oh really you are. Dragging around those extra 40 pounds, you’re fine feeling like roommates with your spouse and your fine. You haven’t had sex in four months. You’re fine. Really? I don’t think so. But see here’s the deal with saying that you’re fine. It’s actually genius because if you’re fine, you don’t have to do anything about it.

But when you think about this word fine? It just makes me so angry. I mean here we are at a conference about being alive and you’re going to describe the experience of being alive as fine a flimsy and feeble word. Your crappy say your crappy if you’re amazing say you’re amazing. Tell the truth and this not only goes for the social construct.

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Oh, I don’t want to burden you with the fact that I hate my life for, you know. Hey, I’m amazing. But that would make you feel terrible the bigger issue. The bigger issue with fine is that you say it to yourself? That thing that you want I guarantee you you’ve convinced yourself that you’re fine not having it.

That’s why you’re not pushing yourself. It’s the areas in your life where you’ve given up where you’ve said. Oh, I’m fine. My mom’s never going to change. So I just can’t have that conversation. I’m fine, you know we got to wait until the kids graduate before we get divorced. So we’ll just sleep in separate bedrooms.

I’m fine. I lost my job. I can barely pay my bills. But whatever. It’s hard to get a job. And you know one of the reasons why this word also just annoys me so much. Is scientists have calculated. Oh, yeah. I’m coming down scientists have calculated the odds. of you being born. That’s right. They’ve crunched the numbers I see you up there.

They have crunched the numbers on you. Yeah, I know you guys standing up you want to sit down for this? They’ve crunched the numbers on you being born? And they took into account all of the wars and the natural disasters and the dinosaurs and everything else. And do you realize that the odds? The odds of you are right here put your computer way stand up for me Doug.

Youtubers phone numbers

So the odds of youtubers hair turn around say hi to everybody the odds. Yeah of Doug Doug being born. At the moment in time, he was born to the parents. You were born to with the DNA structure that you have. A hundred are no one and four hundred trillion, isn’t it? Amazing? So lucky. Yes, you’re not fine.

You’re fantastic. You have life-changing ideas for a reason and it’s not the torture yourself. Thank you. Thank you Doug. You know Christine was right when she said all of you could be on stage because all of you we’re all in this category one and four hundred trillion. All day long you have ideas that could change your life that could change the world that could change the way that you feel and what do you do with phone numbers?

Nothing. Hopefully, I won’t Moon you. You didn’t pay for that. And I want you to just think for a minute because we all have I love to use the analogy the inner snooze youtubers.

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