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And sometimes there's actually a real like priests. Even Jason Miller is a relative unknown actor and writer. Father died was a real priest the guy who played President Tom Father Tom is a real priest. I didn't know that. Yeah amazing and it's really interesting. Obviously Chris MacNeil played by a real actress, but we had Linda Blair playing the girl which is a relative unknown.

So it's almost like this Italian neorealism thing where it just adds into more of the realism that just the setting absolutely also glad he's a brilliant and well research writing of a real case. From 1949 of Maryland and moved to st. Louis but bloody being from Maryland and being a Catholic and Jesuit Georgetown grad knew about this and did his research for years and took like at least a year to write that book and then I finally got produced as a screenplay and moving that's incredible incredible stuff.

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Yeah, freaking definitely has a sense to him where he's trying to create something real I read up into the production. He did some interesting stuff. Oh, yeah reactions for mayor's some questionable things. Would you do that question mark would you shoot off a gun? No, I would not shoot off a gun by an act or nor would I slap someone across the face right before I take brutal?

Yeah, but you know, here's the thing like today obviously that no one would ever get away with that. Yeah, whoever was on set would report it and he might get fired or replaced instantly, but you have to look at the proctor this address. Yeah, and you have to look at what he was able to. Having harness that environment on set and you have to wonder what do you know?

Did he go too far? Yes, he did. But like did he, you know, like it had its Justified because this address has inspired, you know, a few Generations now filmmakers and will continue to. And there's definitely an environment created throughout the address that I've never really seen another horror movie before and I've seen all of them, you know, I've seen every possession and exorcism movie same since this one.

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And you can still watch this movie. And the reason I think it's so different and like I said whenever you go back to that first one that really started the ball rolling you can see how the progression throughout the years dumbed it down and got it more to the base level. Whereas this film. She takes her to a doctor.

She has the all these experiments to make sure she's okay as you know, She has psychiatrists and it's not like oh, she's got the devil. It's good exercise. Mm. Let's do it right now. There's a ghost in the wall. It's like instantaneously you recognize that. There's a sense of realism here. Yeah, and you have to attribute that to freaking because he comes from a documentary and background just like Michael Mann every time, you know, Michael makes a address everything so ground and realism and also the cinematography.

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Holy shit. I when I watch this for the first time everything has this. Like Misty like texture to it and others this almost like a fog but there's no fog there and I'll just like there's one light in the climax. I'm just like oh my gosh is so moody. And yeah, it's just absolutely brilliant from from start to finish top to bottom everyone who worked on that film makeup Department Dick Smith doing father.

Merrin Max von Sydow was like 30 something I think years old and he's walking around even though he's acting great job walk around with an old guy and he's his face if you compare like force awakens Max von Sydow, I think there's a side-by-side photo and the Dick Smith makeup of the address. It's just like the same they didn't want to feel job Roger Ebert.

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This movie he said that where a lot of films simply rest on the screen The santa claus is like a frontal assault very much and I completely agree with that because you do feel almost like you're being just thrust into this horrific experience. And like I said, I've seen them all man, and there's nothing really that gets to this level for me and that's because of the writing by blatty.

He took the most extreme circumstances with these characters and contrasting them. So like you have a priest who supposed to be, you know, holy and yet he's having doubts you have this actress who's actually atheists in her faith is being tested just like demon carries. His faith is being tested him.

It's you know, the daughter is a daughter really possessed and like this whole like notion and everything just combats itself and it's so well written the first time the first try we ever have a demon possession. That everything else besides that is just a toy. Yeah, it's kind of funny. You look at like Jaws for instance, you know, and I don't know what addressmakers were doing in the 70s, but right doing a different level right dude, seriously different level.

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Alien. Alien. Yeah. It's another perfect example. I did a paper a couple months back for college. I had to explore a chosen John Ryan. I chose horror because. It's fun for me to talk about poor and I had to basically explore the roots to modern day. So I went back to the 20s my talk about Nosferatu and you know, the universal monster movies of the 30s and 40s and when I got to the 70s there was just so much cool shit to talk about The santa claus Jaws Halloween and and I started thinking to myself, you know.

What we're email addressmakers doing then they were just tapped into something else. Like they it was like this whole new generation came forth and was like, hey, you know what? We've seen some cool shit the 60s obviously helped a lot with exact peeping Tom and psycho and not a living dead and then the 70s it's almost like they had permission or something.

It was like somebody said, hey, you're allowed to do that stuff now and then for freaking came along and made this movie. Like you said the first really big exorcism movie taken seriously. With a budget with A-list actors with a great writer and it's as good as it is and no movie about demons or exorcism has equaled it since and that's just fascinating to me.

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It's really fat. It's like, how do you how do you not have someone not come around and say like, well I can maybe try it but no they don't it's like there's never been a shark movie better than Jaws. You're not going to find a movie about an alien on a spacecraft in a crew better than alien. You're just not going to I don't think even a film like this or an alien it would be made today if it would just be just Studio interfered and or I don't know.

It's just you don't like find email addresss like truly great films like this anymore. Please Hollywood don't remake this. Oh, no, don't don't don't like how this email address is great as Standalone, like don't remake Jaws, but now there's only like one sequel santa claus 3 is actually kind of good. It's a little bit different.

I like that movie. I've never seen santa claus to you told me to just not even worried about that was like, all right, but your video you did on three which is. Highly recommended viewing especially if you're a fan of the film. Thank you. It's extremely in-depth and it will without a doubt make you look at the email address differently.

I really honestly kind of love 3. Yeah, I think it's super underappreciated. Yeah, it was written and directed by the guy who wrote the book in the screenplay. Oh, I'm not thinking from fact, I think best adapted screenplay way up here bloody for this film. The book is like literally the exact same this is actually the updated Pros is the 40th anniversary.

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But anyways forms the same stuff, but he wrote the screenplay for the email address. That's why it's so good too, but he won best adapted screenplay because it's literally the same exact if you just picked up this book and it was okay to see movie except like one part where Marin goes up into the room and says like a line actually.

Reagan says, you know the demon says to Marin but they cut that and they put it in exercises to and they they wrote it the sun's really yeah, I imagine there's more like in-depth descriptions in the novel. Oh, yeah a little bit more. You know, it's crazy. Like I'm kind of like a modern dyslexic so it took me freaking like from June to like literally two weeks ago to read a hundred fifty page book of philosophy, but this I finish this in a day like that's fast as hell.

Yeah. It's 220 Pride Pages or so you were riveted. I couldn't believe how fast I wrote read that like wow, that's crazy stuff man. Yeah santa claus 3 William Peter blatty. I wish he made more movies. I know me. I wish that he had done more because I think he is a he was a really really unique voice and of or a lot of horror films rely very much on the antagonist the monster the creature the slasher villain who ever.

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Is you know pounding on the door but there's something about the way bladdy would approach things that felt so much more. I don't want to say I want to say penetrating like it was just like got to the root of it something that got kind of underneath your skin. Yeah more so than others. Yeah. I think he just didn't give a shit because he was a comedic writer and I think his latest screenplays for a comedy because you lived in LA.

He moved to LA and he won't get paid for what she said effort and he just decided to write like this scary shit and I was a huge risk for him and it's just freaking took off from he got extremely lucky as he wrote to my note here. He has it, please share that with okay. So actually I'll just that's that's great.

Yeah, so actually kind of sucks in 2015. They had the santa claus steps commemoration I missed it. I have money for a plane ticket, but. I think like right before that. I sent this out to him. He'd sign my copy to my name and with every good wish met William Peter. Blatty. I was like, that's the nicest thing A stranger's ever said to me.

That's great. And then I asked them about writing advice because I write and you read this earlier this this note pretty much to just you know, work your ass off and then maybe we get lucky type of deal. So it's actually really really cool. I want to yeah, it's really awesome. And actually I sent them for blocks to send it back to me and he gave me my four bucks back.

Does he really cool? That's great. That's he's got the talent and he's got he's a good guy. Yeah rest his soul. He's he died a year ago or think Sam sucks.