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So right now I'm a chiropractor in Windsor Ontario and I try and bring a lot of these holistic principles into my practice and and that's my story that takes me to where I am now awesome. How's that? The way you eat well back when I started watching those Renegade health videos.

I learned about the raw food diet before that. I hadn't heard about this type of diet at all, and I was intrigued and that led to other people like falling those videos led to other gurus that were following the same type of diet and at the time. I assume that was the end-all-be-all the ultimate Pinnacle of perfect health.

So for a long time, I was trying to incorporate as many raw foods as I could into my lifestyle and and I was feeling like anything cooked was horrible for the body and and that was all finding good because it was just part of my journey and it takes me to where I am. Now, I mean raw foods are great and all but I don't think that a hundred percent raw diet plant-based here.

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It is the ultimate fuel for the body. So and I'm the first to say, I mean my my journey just continues to change over the years and I'm always looking to upgrade different aspects and take the information. I'm learning because I'm like a sponge I love the health information and I'm trying to take in more and more every day and just continue to learn so I'm going to continue to evolve as I learn.

So what about you Martin? How is your food Journey? Evolved over the years. Well being someone who's always loved. Healthy food and whatever that meant. So for me, it was always fruit and veggies. I love those from a young age. So something about that type of nura ship that type of nourishment always made me Thrive and feel good.

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However, I still ate like a regular little girl an eight whatever, you know, processed foods or packaged Foods or takeout food that my parents provided along with some healthy home-cooked meals to but as. As I grew up in as I started to really pay attention to the impact that the Whole Foods had on me.

I really and that was right around the time that I was in at York University and Kinesiology and I was really interested in in that impact of healthy food on the body. So from there is when I really kind of took things to the first level for me, which was eating lots of Whole Foods, but I had a very mixed diet.

I was eating a little bit of fish and shaken and whatever it was that made me feel good, but it was from a whole food perspective over the last five years specifically is when I've made the transition to a plant-based diet exclusively and that is. Not only energetically but emotionally and morally all those principles fall into place for me and I feel the best eating mostly plants and that includes everything from you know, leafy greens to nuts and seeds to whole grains to legumes.

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I thrive off those Foods. So that's kind of where I've transitioned right now so much so that I've even just recently wrote a book plant-based diet for dummies. So I'm really excited that I get to take kind of my journey in my knowledge about. The plant-based world and help other people as well. So again, I don't ever preach to people about becoming totally exclusively plant-based or vegetarian or vegan.

It's how can people include more plants into their lifestyle because that's that's kind of where I started from. I really just started to bring more in bring more in and eventually I just. Might the full way because that's what made me feel good and just speaking back to what you mentioned about raw foods is I'm a big on bringing so many raw foods into my diet, but to go exclusively that way I've tested it as well too, but I definitely would say that most days.

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And most meals at at the day are raw for me, but I bring in lots of healthy plant-based cook food and fermented foods and marinated foods and anything to do with foods that are as minimally processed and not overly cooked as possible. So that's kind of where I'm at right now and I'm always bringing new things in and I know we're going to be speaking to a lot of experts in the whole super herb.

And herbal world and that's going to be a huge Next Level I think for both of us because we're so interested in in the herbs and the medicinal aspects of foods to which is just going to take kind of where we're both at right now to the next level. Well, first of all, congratulations on the release of your new book that is amazing.

The book is very comprehensive and formative and I love. Thank you. And I love that term plant-based. I think we can all agree or anybody that's been in the plant base world that terms such as veganism and vegetarianism. Sometimes have a little bit of stigma attached to them and that me. Prevent a lot of people from embracing the stifle type of Lifestyle.

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So I really like that term plant-based. It's very welcoming and along with our show. It's very about meeting people where they're at and letting them. Go along the journey to wherever they're comfortable. Yeah, it's not exclusive. It's it is very welcoming. It's about kind of building in adding in.

So I think that's really the end of the day kind of going to be an underlying theme of our show because it is about being plant-based, but we also are going to want to hear and discuss other aspects in other perspectives as well, too. It's gonna be really interesting to see where that goes. Right great.

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And I think that people are probably wondering okay, Jessie Marnie you guys are co-hosting the show great. I'm all excited about it. You may have read some of our material online and our blogs or listen to some other media that we put out to the world, but let's share with everybody how were connected and why were doing the show together?

 Can basically it all starts a couple of years ago when I was writing a blog post with a bunch of different Health experts and I had requested send a message to Marni over christmas seeing if she wanted to be part of that post. So she she accepted and sent me a nice blurb and it was included in the post and and at that point we just kind of kept in touch through the health.

Well, we didn't really. Nothing really started there, but I would say how long after that before you you contacted me. I would say it was probably within a year because I think you contacted me in the fall and then it was the summer that I contacted you and and again this brings in other aspects about Santa Claus and eyes that were both very active people and we're both definitely into you know, having both we both have backgrounds in kinesiology so you can get a sense right there, but we're very active running and biking and Hiking or big part of our lives.

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So I knew that about Santa Claus and I. During the summer last was it last summer? Yeah. It was last summer. Yeah last spring I would say last spring I wanted I wanted to go for some runs and I wanted to go for some santa claus rides and I wanted a partner to do that with and I reached out to Jessie on christmas.

And even though we were kind of connected and we spoken every once in a while. I just asked him if he wanted to go for. A run one day if he was training for the half marathon that I knew that I was going to be participating in Toronto so that led to our initial conversations and and started the beginning Paths of our relationship now.

Yes, it's been an amazing journey, and we ended up first getting together and biking all about the city of Toronto, which is where marnie's from I'm actually from Windsor Ontario, which is about three and a half hours south of Toronto right near the Detroit border. So yeah, and after that santa claus ride, we just started hanging out on weekends.

We ended up doing the half marathon together in the fall, and we've. Great relationship since so things are awesome. Yeah, it's great because there's just so many common interest which is just so important. So to be interested in the same way of eating living exercising other aspects in Lifestyles while to just certain habits.

You know everything from meditation to travel all those goals and Ambitions are in lined and that's just very important to both of us. So it's just been nice and now we're excited to be able to share some of those passions with you guys as well. Yes. We are very excited. So that takes us to well actually you brought up before the.

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Super herb superfoods some of these things that were newly embracing in our lifestyle. So I think it would be a good place to maybe share a couple of our favorite Super Foods. Yeah. Definitely we've got we've got a few and it's hard to pick some of the top ones but I'll share some of my few my few favorites.

So one of the first ones I always go to and I just want to First explain that super food. You know, it's definitely a term that's getting getting thrown around quite a bit right now. Some people are confused as to what that means. But it's very simple really just means types of foods that have a lot of nutrient density in so if you're having a handful of something like blueberries or Goji berries, whatever it might be there's a lot of nutrition in it, so it could be everything from protein to fiber.

All the vitamins and minerals and these are the types of foods that we want to be getting more of in our diets. That's just a little bit of background on Super Foods and super herbs have those properties as well to I would say another way of putting that is Foods the Super Foods often have a low caloric density, but they're loaded with tons of vitamins and minerals.