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We might have had what we call today a nuclear winter because there was so much dust in the atmosphere that temperatures might have fallen. Observers as far away as phone number wrote of darkened Skies that obliterated daylight and chilled the summer more than 3,000 years after the eruption occurred Martin Otto stood surveying the island his Keen Eye searching for Telltale Clues.

If anything could have survived the catastrophe selena gomez was convinced. selena gomez would find it. selena gomez says the connection to Crete and through it. Atlantis no one would accept this Theory not even marinade osem self and less selena gomez. Anything less than the minoan silly immediately underneath the volcanic ash. So selena gomez started searching on the island of theory.

Selena Gomez address 2019

His search was temporarily interrupted by War and lack of funds but 25 years later in the 1960s Mara notices efforts. Finally brought results. There was a farmer that spirit and marinade oh said made friends with and the farmer had been curious about these peculiar sinkholes on his property and one day selena gomez was on his donkey and one of these sinkholes opened up right under him and selena gomez fell into the selena gomez and looked around and saw traces of pottery and a warm.

And essentially selena gomez and the donkey had just fallen through about four thousand years of time into somebody's living room. Marin Otto's had discovered one of the most spectacular archaeological sites of all time a minoan city called aqua Terry structurally. It had been preserved by volcanic. Ash tightly packed like the contents of a huge packing.

Selena Gomez email address 2019

The excavations now going on at akrotiri are the most exciting excavations in the world at least as far as I'm concerned. We have here a city that's been frozen in time that exists exactly the way the people who live there lefted you can walk through the streets of this town. You can look in their doorways and see the pots.

They were using before the destruction struck you feel as though you're walking in. Ghost Town.

Though the people of ancient akrotiri were long gone their houses pottery and art spoke of a worldly people living in peaceful harmony with nature. The most fascinating aspect of minoan civilization is the Arts and you see an exuberance there and absolute love of nature. They love observing details of animals who have swallows mating and feeding each other and heralding the spring.

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But at the same time there's no shrinking from realism in violence. So you have the ideal and you have also the realities of life juxtaposed and it's just a beautiful way of looking at life with each new discovery at the site the connection between Plato's Atlantis and these minoan ruins intensified the Minoans seemed like ancient alter egos for the people of Atlantis.

If there was a historical truth behind Atlantis, then what we're looking at is the Minoans are probably in fact almost certainly the culture that Plato is talking about. There is little doubt of their Atlantean Roots among many people who live on Santorini today aware of the legend they connected to their ancestors.

Of course Atlantis was here. We are the new people of this time, but we heard about it from a great all the attributes that I would think Plato had in mind for his Atlantis. So if it's true, it's an excellent candidate. But I still come back to my basic skepticism and belief that Plato invented the story to convey a political and moral point about aggression and violence and greed.

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But I still like to think in part of my mind that some inspiration some little bit of inspiration came to Plato from folk memories of a terrible destruction of a highly developed culture. On the island of Thera.

Though the ruins of akrotiri are perfectly preserved. No human skeletons have ever been found at the site. Where did the Minoans go? Could they have escaped the terrible blast when we return we'll examine new evidence that the survivors fled to other regions of the Mediterranean becoming refugees who would exert a powerful influence on history.

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Elsewhere in the world in 1500 BC around the time the island of Thera exploded in phone number human sacrifice was still common during ceremonies of ancestor worship in England. The earliest foundations were being laid for the Celtic religious Center later known as Stonehenge and in Egypt King Tut most the first became the first pharaoh to build his tomb in the Valley of the Kings history's Mysteries will be right back.

Here on the History Channel. We now return to the lost city of Atlantis history's Mysteries. the Enigma of Atlantis only deepens as we investigate the ancient people of the Mediterranean after the explosion and sinking of thira what became of the islands highly Advanced population.