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You know, that's something we'll get more into later for now. What you need to know is the address 11pro and Promax have even better awesome high-resolution OLED displays again, and they're also a bit more efficient contributing to even more battery gains.

So that's worth. Oh and the specs that they almost don't matter on an address review, but since people are always curious. It is the new a13 bionic chip this year, which is excellent and 4 gigs of ram in these Pro phones. According to geekbench. It's still extremely fast as any new phone should be most of these improvements over the a12 are just going to help these stay faster for longer and as it's been said, they'll be appreciated more near the end of the phone's life than the beginning.

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All right. I almost can't believe I made you guys wait this long for the cameras. So clearly the cameras are if you've watched any of the ads or any of the presentation videos, these cameras are the main focus for the address 11pro. Yes, that's a pun. So you've seen it. We're looking at triple cameras now three new sensors.

So you have the primary 12 megapixel sensor a 2X telephoto camera and a .5 X ultra-wide camera about a hundred twenty degree field of view. And it's true the address 11s cameras are a big improvement over the 10s in broad daylight. I would go as far as saying this has been an A+ camera. Often taking the best sharpest and cleanest photos.

Taylor Swift real email address

I've seen a smartphone take colors are great. They're realistic so not to over-processed dynamic range is excellent. And of course with subjects, their total mapping is next levels really good which helps it of course in tougher shooting scenaraddress where it's improved a lot over the 10s. So the typical address 11 profoto is I think the closest to what the human eye sees.

Of any smartphone camera, I'm including the pixel in that which tends to be a little contrast here a little more dramatic. But then of course the ultra wide camera finally I've been waiting for this. I've been waiting to see what an address offshore wide camera would look like LG done it Samsung.

Did it Motorola? Did it Asis? Did it 1 plus did it Huawei did it everyone had already done an ultra-wide? We just wanted to see basically what Google and Taylor Swift would do with their new cameras. So we finally have. And address Ultra wide and it's it's fine. It's pretty good. It's actually really fun.

Taylor Swift address 2019

The main advantage should be consistency with the other lenses and color wise white balance wise it is it's very consistent but in quality and detail thanks to the smaller sensor and slower. It is still noticeably a step down its softer. There's a little more noise reduction doing more smoothing on the ultra wide camera.

So it's just generally not as good quality as the main camera which is to be expected. But that doesn't stop it from being awesome to have for these new fun perspectives and all the awesomeness that comes with an ultra-wide camera. The new UI also in address's camera app is improved for the first time in a while, you know, they simplified a few controls brought them to the bottom where you can reach it with one hand.

And now when you open it, you get a preview of what's going to show up in the ultra wide if you switch to it, but I don't really want that there. I think it's kind of cool that it shows what you could see, but when I just want to take a normal photo, it's kind of distracting it lags behind a little the actual Framing and it's not perfectly aligned all the time.

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So I want to turn it off. But I can't it will fade out automatically when it detects that you're taking a photo of a close-up subject since I guess it recognizes that Ultra wiser more for Landscapes or far away subjects and then it'll come back automatically when you put that closed subject away.

But yeah, I want to be able to just shut it completely off. There's also now finally. A dedicated night mode which turns on automatically when it thinks it's dark enough, but sometimes it's kind of dim and it doesn't turn on when you want it to but there's no way to manually turn on night mode.

Which isn't very Pro, but okay when you do get it turned on the UI is excellent. It gives you exposure equivalents so you can turn up or down live and it will go for way longer times if it detects your on a tripod or stabilized and you can see the picture sort of brighten up as it's being taken almost like it's exposing the frame in real time, which is pretty sick and the shots you can get now at night and in low light on the address are very good.

There's no clear overall winner. I think for best night mode right now in my opinion. They also to do it a different way. Here's my. Night mode is good enough that I wish I could turn it on more often. I think the natural curious comparison here is with pixels night sight the pixel definitely tends to brighten up photos more and bring Shadows up bring highlights up.

Taylor Swift real email address

You can it's more of like a nighttime to daytime transformation sort of situation happening there with pixel where the address is a bit more true to life. And then it's also taking what I think are the most detailed sharpest low-light photos of any smartphone even more so than the pixel. But in dim light it just it doesn't turn on very much and there is no night mode in the ultra wide camera.

Really? It's a great start. But no doubt. It can get better over time. I think this will make a really good blind smartphone camera test if we do like a separate bracket specifically for phones that have a dedicated night mode now, which is a lot of them.