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In late September this year, I held a state wide Queensland Water Summit in Dalby to urgently address the issue of drought and water management including use, cost, access and distribution, across the state of Queensland. Queensland is in the midst of one of the worst droughts on record. 80% of the state has been drought declared. The people of rural and regional Queensland are suffering and they desperately need assistance and long term solutions. In addition, CSG mining is devastating communities, depleting the ground of water and contaminating what water is left. Water is one of the most critical issues facing farmers, landholders and communities across Queensland.

The aim of the Queensland Water Summit was to develop a Water Action Plan to address the immediate and long term water needs of Queensland. As the only independent Senator for Queensland, I will take Queensland’s water needs to the Federal Government for priority funding and other forms of increased assistance.

Every Australian has a right to clean air and clean water – no matter what!