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You have these Amazing Ideas that bubble up, right? You've been watching people all day and I guarantee you like, you know ping-pong balls.

Boom. Boom. Um, you got idea what you do. This. Is you that River, dude. And every time you have an idea, what do you feel that? This is what's the first decision you made this morning? I bet it was to go back to bed. Reverse decision today. I'm a hundred and one in four hundred trillion. I'm gonna go back to sleep.

And I get it your bed is comfortable. It's cozy. It's warm. If you're lucky you've got, you know, like somebody that you love next to you or in my case. I've got my husband and my two kids and possibly the dog. And the reason why I'm bringing up this first decision that you made today and the inner snooze alarm.

Wengie address 2019

Is because in any area of your life that you want to change any there's one fact that you need to know. this one.

You're never going to feel like it.

ever. no one's coming motivation isn't happening. You're never going to feel like it. Scientists call it activation energy. That's what they call the force required to get you to change from what you're doing on autopilot to do something new. So try this test tomorrow. You think you're so fancy? I know you're attending Ted.

Try this. Tomorrow morning set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier. And then when it goes off take those sheets throw them off and stand up and start your day. No snooze. No delay. No, I'll just wait here for five seconds is Mel's not standing here. Do it. And the reason why I want you to do it is because you will come face-to-face with the physical and I mean physical Force that's required to change your behavior.

Wengie email address 2019

Do you think that somebody who needs to lose weight ever feels like going on a diet? Of course not. Do you think they ever feel like eating boiled chicken and peas instead of across all I'll think so. The activation energy required to get your ass away from your computer and out your front door to go on the walk.

You said that you were going to go on is the exact same amount of force that it takes you to push yourself out of a warm bed and into a cold room. What's interesting about being an adult? Is that when you become 18 nobody tells you. That it's now going to be your job to pair it yourself. And by parent yourself, I mean, it's your job to make yourself do the crap you don't want to do so you can be everything that you're supposed to be and you're so damn busy waiting to feel like it.

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And you're never going to my son never feels like getting off his DS. That's my job. Get off the damn the s. Candle clean up the Barbies if you're gonna have a nude party in my bathroom at least clean it up.

God chew with your mouth closed. We're on a barn for crying out loud. All right dinners come and get out of the pantry.

As parents and you were a kid your parents make you do the things you don't feel like doing. Because you won't ever. not now not then not ever. And even when you get good at something you'll figure out something else you don't want to do and then you'll Plateau out and you'll get boring. I hate this to this is boring, but we look for don't know you'll just bitch about that one.

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It's very very simple to get what you want, but it's not easy.

You have to force yourself. And I mean Force. And the reason why I use the word Force when Roz is up here and talking about the motion tracking and she had the picture of the two sides of the brain. I look at the brain the exact same way only I describe one side of your brain is autopilot. And the other side is emergency.

That's the only two speeds you got autopilot emergency brake and guess which one your brain likes better autopilot. You've had the experience where you've driven to work, right and you get there like, oh my God, I don't remember driving here. You weren't drunk. That was your brain on autopilot. It was functioning just at this level.

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And the problem with your mind is that anytime you do anything that's different from your normal routine. Guess what your brain does emergency brake? And it has that reaction for everything everything you walk into the kitchen and you see everybody's left their breakfast dishes for you and you think for the hundredth time I'm going to kill them.

In fact, I'm going to leave this here and I'm gonna make them do it. But that's not your normal routine. Is it your mind goes emergency brake? And you go right into autopilot. I'll just load it and be pissed and then I'd have sex. It's what I do.

So when I say Force anything, that's a break from your routine is going to require force and if you think about your life, it's kind of funny because we you know our kids and then we become adults and we spend so much time trying to push her life into some sort of stable routine. And we go bored of it.

He wake up at what the same time every day. You have largely the same breakfast you drive to work the same way you show up at work. You look busy you avoid making calls you update Facebook. You attend the meeting and doodle the whole time you go back and update Facebook you make plans for the evening.