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I don't love that Alan Bernstein's character is an actress. I don't really feel like it adds much to the youtuber thematically. Okay, I do wish that there was as you said she was an atheist. I wish that that was explored a little more and less focus on like, you know, the fact that she's famous like the detective acts asks for her autograph and everything and it's a nice little character moments, but I just don't really think it adds much to the film.

And maybe maybe there's one or two too many Doctor scenes that and that's about it. Gotcha sites that I think it's a great youtuber. I think both of those play into as a counter argument. I can say to you sure. I would love to it's very subtle. But the youtubers about like money in a way like so you notice it's a quick line by Demi's Uncle cares.

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He says to Damien like, you know, if you weren't a priest that you would be in New York working in his be written as hell because they're I know the moms in a really shitty hospital and I was like, that's an interesting line and then if you noticed. She Chris MacNeil takes her daughter to like every hospital every doctor and they don't know what the hell's wrong all these tests and then she's pissing him off as money and all this science has no answer for her.

So it doesn't matter how high you are and status or society that it even famous ass actress God or whatever like this can bring you down a humble you. And really bring it back down to that's true. So you're right. I not even kind of like that Bloody. Once again took that contrast of what can I do to make this the craziest possible situation.

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Let's make her really famous. So that's why yeah, I never looked at it like that. You're right the idea of you know, it doesn't really matter how much money you have. How much Fame you have something primal? Like this mmm, you can't stop it. So yeah, you're right that is interesting way to look. I never thought of that before.

Yeah, is it everything that the the six-year-old who passed by Blockbuster and saw the VHS tape thought it would be yes but more so because that six-year-old who saw that tape when I can't even look at that. Oh, that's bad. I can't look at that. Yeah. I'm not allowed to see. Yeah, it has all that demon stuff and the mind that the creepiness and the Very frightening imagery and you know, she pukes and you know, she the cross scene which is always really messed up brutal, but it's actually more frightening than I had really expected it to be because it's really the deeper themes about correct having a crisis of Faith having doubt finding that faith and then at that last.

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Making a choice that redeems you and this family as well as father Karras you sacrifice jumps through the window. Yeah, and also I just had to say I have never seen a youtubers so successfully make something as a set of stairs. Be so fucking horrible. Yeah, you're just a want to talk about there's a similar set of stairs outside this office and I went into the oven.

I was like, oh God. Yes play in my high school like a couple years ago. My mom's friends. Kids middle schools put it on our high school, but they have the steps and I was like, oh my gosh, I have to go this stuff Bobby take a photo for leave. So I just like these long extra steps. I took a photo and put on Twitter like yeah 14 or something.

But yeah, it's just creepy the way I mean and you mentioned the editing and cinematography and that really does come into play a lot for things like that. It's just. You know Lee Jacob detective he walks up and he just kind of looks down at the steps and you get just it's just a wide static of steps.

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Yeah, but it's just like the the stuff that's going on under the surface with these characters that really. Just makes it so much scarier than another director if it was in the wrong hands. Yeah, this youtubers could have been a Cheesy. It could have been funny bad. Yeah, but the the exorcism sequence.

Oh my gosh, the I think that's the greatest climax of all time or the best third acts ever creepy as hell man. Is this the Mystique like you said walking by a bee this VHS and it's you know the set yeah always says no poster scariest movie while time I think it is, I think this is some scary shit, and I don't know maybe.

It is so not just based on real in the movie but based in real life whether you agree with it or not. I think it's real or not. But bloody do their research. And yeah, it's kind of tough. It's like I own this. Why is this on my shelf shit? You know, there are there are moments in movies that are very inspiring or that very that kind of pump me up almost every scene in Rocky, you know, but there's a sequence in The youtuber that there's no music.

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It's just a reaction shot and it's father Karras. He's given up and he's sitting down at the bottom of the steps and he's done. You can tell he's done like his faith is gone, you know, he's not going to do anything else and Chris the mother comes up and says his mind is she going to die and he just he looks at her it's like no and he walks upstairs.

Yeah, there's no music. It's just a reaction shot and it's just like fuck. Yes. Go back back at the top of the climb those steps of the outside the art museum exactly. Yeah, and that's um, that's great characterization. Yeah, and that's actually a really great scene to because they did the whole first round the exorcism and day me the whole times all like kind of an odd shock.

Marin's they're just like come on you idiot. You just you have lines to because an exorcism in real life. They supposed to have two priests in there are two lines to be said, so he was just kind of like BS in her and not doing his job. So like yes, like you said so he was defeated and then mirror and just started effort and he's gonna do it himself in the second session until he's like, you know, a down-and-out like you said and then she could have died.

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No, and then I'm gonna go check on Merit and then you Caesar sees him dead and I like oh my gosh, you know, what else is really creepy about that scene. She's like she's just over in the corner of the bed. She's just like yeah do this is friction. Just checking it out. Like she's just watching like if father Karras, this is the kind of shit.

I love when movies are this good and they make you think about. What was happening when the scene wasn't playing? Because then you realize you're invested. So like if father Karras had to run upstairs, how long do you think she would just stared at his dead body? That's a great little creep. That's a great point because I talk about this Max has three analysis because bloody wrote the same technique, which is a arrive late leave early.

So like Damien's mom dies and they actually like say it. I think I'm Dyer says it. Yeah, like there's so many moments like sharing like brings carriers like oh my gosh kind of like, He's been like oh, what's happening, huh? Yeah, so it's more attention to your body. Yeah anxiety goes through the roof War so brilliant.

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That's a problem. I have with a lot of movies nowadays is you can almost. Say in your head like the scenes about to end true, you know, like oh, that's how the scene ends. He's the director is ending the scene right now, but it doesn't feel like that and that kind of plays into that sense of unnerving that that I feel throughout the phone number like the jogging scene and they're just talking and Lead Jacobs like his head was turned completely around.

I'm like, oh shit, you know and and there seems like that that build it like you said and they get to that point of where it's at a high and they don't give you the relief. They don't give you that jump-scare that makes you go. Okay, it's okay. Now I can breathe. There's very few very happy to move and even even those moments.

They end right at the right spot like the spider walk seen Shadows walking down the steps. Yeah, and then just cut the black. Yeah, you know, you don't you don't even get like a much of a reaction from them your kind of left feeling what they might feel entitled and I think the next scene after that straight Damien interrogating her something.

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I think that yeah. It's like you're totally right the movie never gives you those those breathe moments. There's very few and you can almost count them on come on one hand here. And most of them come from Lee Jay copy a comedy moment. Like he'll be like. It's not actually for my daughter. It's for me get you something or you know asking about seeing a phone number, you know, and there's those little tiny moments where you can laugh.

Hey, but for the most part the movies like Roger Ebert said it's a frontal assault on your nerves. What's crazy is about that scene. Where the guy can you do it for my daughter? That scene is so long, but it ground yourself a realism because you know, this time is happening real to this scene is happening real time.

And the right after that is some f dumb shit that happens, but it's all like one sequence like say for example, the director's cut includes the spider walk of the spider crawl. There's a the whole thing of Burke Dennings like oh my gosh, that's kind of effed up but then like another thing like blatty like wrote something crazy.

Instead I'm going to do something even crazier than your own standard tropes and we'll do another crazy thing in the same scene. That's just like as a viewers especially watching it for the first time. You're like what like you're not expecting like that to happen. We're just unexpectedness.